THIS IS MY CITY 09!!! | live performances

This Saturday TIMC09!!! event at Macau’s Albergue will showcase artists from Hong Kong and Beijing. Audio visual artist Cédric Maridet presents ‘Filipina Heterotopia’, and later on the evening ‘Hou Mun AV’ show by Dead J & CXW will mix visuals and visions created during our Macau Skyline Architectural Research. Drop by!

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TIMC09 我的城市!!!

Urbanism, music & video from Macau/Hong Kong/Beijing
Saturday, 4 July @ Albergue SCM Macau | 7.30pm >> 11:00pm

TIMC09!!! LIVE PERFORMANCE: Hou Mun AV show by Dead J and CXW

Dead J & Chen Xiongwei (performance) | source: Shanghai eArts Festival 2008

DEAD J aka ShaoYanPeng is a Beijing Based producer. He started performing IDM and breakcore alongside Shanshui label founder Sulumi in the end of the 90’s. Since then he’s been composing soundscapes , dreamy electronica as well as straight up dark techno. He has released three albums on modern sky: Mental imagery, Mental Magic and Psychedelic Elephant, released last winter.

ChenXiongwei is a graphic designer and an image manipulator. He graduated from the Central academy of art and design in 1993 then worked in advertising in Guangzhou where has made his own visual digest of China. The result is a world populated with red font’s slogans and saturated inserts of mercantile culture, a realm made of giant cities and burlesque characters that he brilliantly puts into motion.

86/33 LINK | Music and Art from France, China, Europe, Planet Earth and soon Mars!

Performance of Dead J and Chen Xiongwei by 86/33 LINK | Leo de Boisgisson*:

For the occasion of TIMC09!!!, 86/33 LINK is happy to join forces with MovingCities and co-organize this event together with +853 in the beautiful site of Albergue. What started as a friendly trip to Macau with Monica last January , accompanied by a lot of black coffee and Portuguese pastries evolved into a substantial project where the ‘Urban Panorama workshop’ and the artists presented by 86/33 LINK will interact and create a lively documentation on the city /island/realm of Macau.
In the shape of a video piece and an audio-visual performance, electronica producer Dead J and visual artist Chen Xiongwei will utilize moving and still fragments extracted from the urban exploration.

*86/33 LINK is a non-profit organization registered in Paris linking up Asia and Europe by creating a platform for independent artists, mostly musicians but also new media artists and street artists and also by providing professional expertise to companies or institutions seeking information and guidance on Chinese cultural and music business. [86/33 LINK is now called Kaiguan Culture]

TIMC09!!! LIVE PERFORMANCE: Filipina Heterotopia by Cédric Maridet

Cédric Maridet | Mamori, Brazil 2008 (credit: Marc Behrens)

Filipina Heterotopia | Cédric Maridet

Cédric Maridet (1973, France) works and lives in Hong Kong since 1999 and is currently a full-time PhD candidate in media art in the School of Creative Media, HK’s City University. His research focuses on soundscape theories and on the paradigm between sound-event and sound-object. He founded electronic music label monème in June 2004 as the main platform to release his works [_habitus, 2006]. He has participated in performances in HK and exhibitions in HK, Macau, New York, Paris, London, Madrid and Berlin. He was awarded Prize of Excellence in the Hong Kong Art Biennial ’05 for ‘Huangpu‘ (video), and was invited to be the artist in residence at HK’s Visual Art Centre. He is also a contributor as a “streamer” for the open microphones project of French-based research lab in audio art Locus Sonus. His works focus on field recording, audio-vision, the construction of altered sonorous spaces and architecture.

Filipina Heterotopia: (…) This piece is rooted in a socio-economic context, which can be witnessed in Hong Kong. Since the 1970’s, and the poor economic situation the government of Philippines has actively promoted and supported the migration in order to find work abroad. As a result, there is now a great number of Filipinas in Hong Kong, who came to find job as domestic helpers to take care of children, elderly, and of the household in general. As stated in their contract, they should live with their employees, and have a day of rest on Sunday usually. They usually gather on that day in open public spaces, outside their employee’s house. (…)

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THIS IS MY CITY 09!!! Live Performances Dead J & CXW + Cédric Maridet
Main organizer: Cultural Association +853
Co-organizer: Albergue SCM
Event co-producer: 86/33 LINK

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