TRY! | MovingCities Workshop in Bari

TRY! | MovingCities Workshop in Bari | September 16, 2013

Last September, MovingCities was invited by Regione PugliaARTI [Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation] to conduct a one-day workshop in Barivecchia (Old Bari, Italy). Under the program “TRY! – Training Regeneration Youth” part of “YOUTH ADRINET” -project, a group of 17 young participants attended this one-day workshop. We talked, shared, explored, speculated, mapped, discussed and observed.

TRY! Training course on international exchange and participatory urban regeneration (TRY! Percorso di formazione partecipata e scambio internazionale sulla rigenerazione urbana)

In recent years, Regione Puglia has developed a framework programme for youth policies, called “Bollenti Spiriti” (Hot Spirits). Bollenti Spiriti is the programme of the Puglia Region for Youth Policies, a set of measures and actions to enable young people to participate in all aspects of community life.

Together with cultural producer Mino Vicenti, and a group of 17 participants, MovingCities prepared this one-day workshop around the theme of art, urbanism and regeneration. Throughout the day we shared our China-experience/observations/interactions, brought these in relation with the local historical context – as we found it – and presented a set of global case-studies related to the topic of regeneration of urban spaces.

Bollenti Spiriti and ARTI, within the European project IPA Youth Adrinet, promote a call for participation in a participatory and free international exchange and training aimed at children between 18 and 29 years living in Apulia, interested directly or engaged in the transformation of their urban contexts.

TRY! – Regeneration Youth Training is a participatory and free international exchange and training for young people between 18 and 29 years living in Puglia, on the subject of the contribution of young people to urban regeneration and is made part of the project Youth Adrinet ARTI (Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation) in collaboration with Bollenti Spiriti.

Youth Adrinet is a European project that aims to provide young people in the Adriatic the tools necessary to become active citizens in their local, regional, national and international. TRY! It is divided into 3 phases: 1. Classroom Training; 2. Residential workshop; 3. Coaching.(…)

TRY! | MovingCities explores Barivecchia | September 15, 2013

Giambattista Albrizzi, La città di Bari, 1761 |

Bari vista dall'aereo. 1937 | Borgo e Città Vecchia nei Piani Regolatori di Bari

Bari was awakened from its provincial somnolence by Napoleon’s brother-in-law Joachim Murat. As Napoleonic King of Naples, Murat ordered the building in 1808 of a new section of the city, laid out on a rational grid plan, which bears his name today as the Murattiano. Under this stimulus, Bari developed into the most important port city of the region. The legacy of Mussolini can be seen in the imposing architecture along the seafront.wikipedia

Barivecchia, or Old Bari, is a sprawl of streets and passageways making up the section of the city to the north of the modern Murat area. Barivecchia was until fairly recently considered a no-go area by many of Bari’s residents due to the high levels of petty crime. A large-scale redevelopment plan beginning with a new sewerage system and followed by the development of the two main squares, Piazza Mercantile and Piazza Ferrarese has seen the opening of many pubs and other venues. This has been welcomed by many who claim that the social life of the city, and in particular the experience for tourists in Bari, has been improved and that jobs and revenue have been created.

The purpose of the workshop was to explore and deal with existing problems and places within the old city of Bari. Faced with a vibrant social and public life, but also threatened to remain sterile due to its historical appeal, Barivecchia became the territory to project and speculate about new (creative) programs that could regenerate and activate this area. As we presented the participants different options and scenario’s (some far-fetched, obvious or unwanted) and asked them to assess these in program and locations.

With a large amount of references presented and projected, MovingCities undertook an exercise in adaptation, appropriation and contextualization of these examples.

Pictures by MovingCities

YOUTH ADRINETSharing experiences and developing joint tools in order to increase the participation of the YOUTH ADRIatic population in the civil society and create a NETwork. Youth Adrinet project intends to promote actions finalized to the increase of the European identity and the active participation in the social life of young people in the multi-cultural and multi-ethnical framework of the Adriatic area.

Young people in the EU have to become conscious of being not only (active) citizens of their local, regional and national communities, but above all actors of the international/EU community. 
Why is Youth AdriNet a fundamental step towards a better EU COMMUNITY? Because European youth definitely lost their confidence in the existing decision-making systems: young people have lost confidence in their power to give their own contributions to the public life; too many times their voice has remained unheard.
Youth Adrinet is providing young people of the Adriatic area with all necessary tools to become active citizens of their local, regional, national and international (Adriatic and European) communities so far.

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