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WAI Architecture Think Tank is this week’ MovingCities guest of honor:  Ever wondered what a week of WAI looks like?   WAI in a week – a coincidental look into the urban, architectural, artistic and homey Beijing 北京 life of architects Cruz Garcia & Nathalie Frankowski.
PART I featured urban stories, from Saturday to Tuesday, PART II till the end of the week.

… an answer by WAI Architecture Think Tank | Beijing October 2012 [cont.]


Start of the day 8:00am

Indoor exercises followed by stretching and eating.

Go to Tsinghua University Department of Management and Policy to listen to the lecture “Decolonization Models for America’s Last Colony: Puerto Rico” by Puerto Rican historian Dr. Angel Collado-Schwarz.

Continue working on the design of a museum and the design of a mixed use building.

Phone with Japan. Talk about an exhibition during the Tokyo Design Week.

Work on the introduction text of “Pure Hardcore Icons”: “Not all architecture is infatuated with form, but for the one that is, this is its manifesto.”

Read Walter Benjamin’s “Illuminations”: “With these words he begins his story about the ‘Silence of the Sirens.’ For Kafka’s Sirens are silent, they have an even more terrible weapon than their song…their silence.”

Contact Gallery in Beijing for possible art exhibition.

Listen to Michel Onfray on France Culture.

Contact curator in an attempt to bring an exhibition about architecture publications to Beijing.

Eat, watch “The Radiant Child[2009], a documentary on Jean-Michel Basquiat, while playing with the rabbit [~Jackie Panda’s website].

End of the day 12:50 am.


The story of the tower, Beijing


Dashilar Housetelier [click to enlarge]


Start tart of the day 8:00am

Run 22 kilometers from Dongzhimen to Ditan Park and back.

Stretch and eat.

Listen to “Les Nuits de France Culture, Une vie, une oeuvre” a radio program on Sabina Spielrein, one of the first women psychoanalysts, student of Carl Jung on France Culture.

Work on the text about the Commune in Beijing, the design of a museum and the mixed use building. The museum is around 40,000m2 and the mixed use development is around 120,000m2.

Sloterdijk’s followed by Robert Musil’s “The Man without Qualities” [1930]: “Ultimately a thing exists only by virtue of its boundaries, which  means by a more or less hostile act against its surroundings… so there is no getting away from the fact that man’s deepest social instinct is his antisocial instinct.”

The Archizines Exhibition opens in Santiago de Chile featuring the WAIzine as well as 79 other independent from around the world.

Read “The Dada Reader: A Critical Anthology” edited by Dawn Ades: “Art is a drug for imbeciles.” [Francis Picabia, Dada Manifesto, 1920].

Read Hannah Arendt “The Human Condition” [1958], a book in which she explains the three fundamental spheres of the vita active: labor, work, and action. As she suggests: “They are fundamental because each corresponds to one of the basic conditions under which life on earth has been given to man.”

Start painting “Black Triangle on Black Background”, the third painting of the Black on Black Series. The canvas is one by one meter.

Eat, watch again “The sacrifice” [1986] of Andreï Tarkovski and play with the rabbit.

End of the day 12:50 am.
Beijing on a clear day

Beijing on day of fog

Snow hutong

Snowing in November


Start of the day 8:00am

Morning indoor exercises.

Stretch and Eat.

Listen to Jacques Julliard L’invité des Matins de France Culture, radio program by Marc Voinchet, on his new book “La gauche par les textes et Les gauches française: histoire, politique et imaginaire”.

Read pages from Robert Musil’s “The Man without Qualities”.

Work on the design of a museum and the design of a mixed use building. The interior spaces of the museum are taking shape as we are working on the perception of the user as he experiments the circulation through the main programs. In the mixed use building we are working on the overall image in order to give coherence to a series of varying programs.

Roundtable at the School of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University with Viennese Landscape designer and artist Mario Terzic, as well as professors from the School of Fine Arts in Tsinghua. It is our second cross disciplinary public discussion in a month. The first one was in Caochangdi during Beijing Design Week and included graphic designers and photographers.

Work on the “Black Triangle on Black Background” paint.

Eat, watch the Simpsons and play with the rabbit.

End of the day 2:30 am.
Cities of the avantgarde




Start all over again.
Weekend cinema | October 2012 | by WAI Architecture Think Thank

[see PART I]

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Images + words by WAI Architecture Think Tank | Beijing, October 2012

WAI Architecture Think Tank is an international studio practicing architecture, urbanism and architectural research. Founded in Brussels in 2008 by French architect Nathalie Frankowski and Puerto Rican architect Cruz Garcia WAI is currently based in Beijing. WAI focuses on the understanding and execution of Architecture from a panoramic approach, from theoretical texts to architectural artifacts, narrative architectures, buildings and urban and cultural conditions. WAI strives to make significant contributions to the collective intelligence of architecture, from the conception of intelligent buildings and masterplans to the production of fresh research projects and innovative publications. WAI is a workshop for architecture intelligentsia.
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