Shenzhen OCT Bay | pebble & masterplan

OCT Creative Exhibition Center by Studio Pei-Zhu | Shenzhen OCT Bay
Curious to see the latest urban developments, MovingCities visited Shenzhen OCT Bay 深圳欢乐海岸 [or OCT Harbour]one of China’s largest new master planned developments currently underway. The 1.25 km2 [309 acre] plan aims to become an innovative urban center with first-of-its-kind ecological and nature components. We saw a pebble, a plaza, a water themed park, and (from afar) a recently completed Richard Meier. Continue reading “Shenzhen OCT Bay | pebble & masterplan”

URBANUS | Meillan Hotel & Nanshan Wedding

Maillen Hotel and Apartments . Shenzhen | URBANUS, 2012
URBANUS Meillan Hotel | Shenzhen 2012

A few weeks ago while in Shenzhen 深圳, MovingCities paid a visit to two recently completed projects by URBANUS Architecture & Design 都市实践: the Maillen Hotel and Apartments 美伦酒店&公寓 and the Nanshan Wedding Center 南山婚礼堂.
Both projects represent viable architectural alternatives – mid-scale residential range, and institutional small-scale buildings – for the Chinese context. Continue reading “URBANUS | Meillan Hotel & Nanshan Wedding”

> CreativeHunt interviews MovingCities

CreativeHunt interviews MovingCities > Bert de Muynck & Mónica Carriço
Article by Frances Arnold / CreativeHunt Shanghai [13 September 2012]

mamostudio | House in Bogor

mamo [Adi Purnomo] | Bogor, August 11, 2012

While in Jakarta we grasped the opportunity to catch up with mamo [architect Adi Purnomo], who, along with Andra Matin, is one of Indonesia’s finest architects; and visited with mamo an older, and so-far unpublished, villa-project: the David and Gita House [2008] – in the suburbs of Bogor. A timely moment to have him again on tape and talking.
Delving in our archive to show some older work, we also publish a short Q&A. Continue reading “mamostudio | House in Bogor”

Shanghai Satellite Towns | publication

Satellitenstädte: Eine Stadt, neun Städtchen | Bauwelt 7.2012
Shanghai Satellite Towns | MovingCities on Bauwelt

Earlier this year, the German architecture magazine Bauwelt published ‘Satellitenstädte | Eine Stadt, neun Städtchen‘ [words by MovingCities, images by Arnd Dewald – featured in Bauwelt 7.2012]. The article deals with the phenomenon of the thematically and sketchy styled satellite towns [a Dutch, Nordic, Italian, Spanish, British, German, Canadian and even Chinese one]  dotting the periphery of Shanghai 上海. Visiting these areas wasn’t a fun experience but a rather depressing journey to the end of urbanism, to a far-fetched future, a suburban scam.
Download the German version directly [pdf (3.9MB) no longer available] , or read the full English version below. Continue reading “Shanghai Satellite Towns | publication”

Making Creative City | URBANUS Workshop

MAKING CREATIVE CITY International Workshop | Aug 31 - Sept 1 2012

Last weekend, MovingCities was invited to Shenzhen 深圳 to lecture at and participate in a two-day workshop called The Making of a Creative City – International Workshop on post‐industrial development of Shenzhen’. The workshop was organized by URB [Urbanus Research Bureau 都市实践研究部] – the research department of URBANUS Architecture & Design 都市实践. Background & content after the break. Continue reading “Making Creative City | URBANUS Workshop”

Emergent Architectural Territories | book review

Emergent Architectural Territories in East Asian Cities | Birkhäuser, 2011

MovingCities received a copy of ‘Emergent Architectural Territories in East Asian Cities[Birkhäuser, 2011] by prof. Peter G. Rowe [Harvard University]. The 200-page publication maps and describes the large development areas in big cities in China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, as they are striking out into new territories. Both as an introduction to or overview of a multitude of large-scale projects in the East Asian region, the book clearly categorizes and discusses the emergence of large-scale urban constructs in the region.
A book review. Continue reading “Emergent Architectural Territories | book review”