Mappings on Design and Fashion in China | DutchDFA

DutchDFA Design & Fashion in China Mappings | MovingCities 2012

On July 5, MovingCities presented in Amsterdam a double mapping report on Design & Fashion in China. The two reports were commissioned by Dutch Design Fashion Architecture [DutchDFA] and present a contemporary analysis of both the design and fashion fields in China. Researched and written in 2011 by MovingCities, and updated throughout 2012, the mappings highlight the people and processes that will influence future design agendas in China and throughout the world. More info after the break. Continue reading “Mappings on Design and Fashion in China | DutchDFA”

Eko Prawoto | Nasirun private gallery

Nasirun Gallery by Eko Prawoto | August 9, 2012

While in Yogyakarta, we met up with Indonesian architect/artist Eko Prawoto. Although Eko Prawoto is largely know for his art-installations and the use of locally sourced and often recycled materials, he has been a quite active architect within the artistic scene in Yogyakarta. This can be exemplified in his design for the Cemeti Art House or Langgeng Art Foundation. With him we visited a recent project, a small and private gallery for the Indonesian artist Nasirun. Continue reading “Eko Prawoto | Nasirun private gallery”

Jakarta >> Yogyakarta

Jakarta - Yokyakarta | August 7, 2012

Last week, MovingCities went on a four-day field trip to Yogyakarta. Reason so was to visit a new artist studio/house by Andra Matin, meet up with architect/artist Eko Prawoto [see our 2008 coverage on his work] and get to know the city and its surrounding. Once again we are flying over Java [check also Jakarta to Surabaya and Jakarta to Bali]. We were on-the-move, doing some aerophotography. Pictures from the world’s most populous island. Continue reading “Jakarta >> Yogyakarta”

Andra Matin: Sebuah Sekuel | exhibition

Andra Matin: A Sequel | August 1, 2012

After a summer break, MovingCities is back at work. First stop is Jakarta, where on August 1 we attended the opening of Andra Matin: Sebuah Sekuel. The exhibition contains 9 built works by the leading Indonesian architect Andra Matin. Each of the designs is presented in 9 short films. The exhibition is on view at Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space until August 27. Impressions after the break. Continue reading “Andra Matin: Sebuah Sekuel | exhibition”

Colonial Modern | book review

Colonial Modern | black dog publishing, 2010

Colonial Modern: Aesthetics of the Past, Rebellions for the Future’ is a highly recommended book by black dog publishing in 2010. It tells the story of architecture, urban and cultural development in Morocco and Algeria, focusing on the post-war and pre-independence period, and its influence on and relevance for European urbanization at the time. But it does much more than that. A review. Continue reading “Colonial Modern | book review”

E-GROW | Master of Moulds | publication

E-GROW | Master of the Moulds | MARK Magazine#38

Bert de Muynck | MovingCities published in a recent issue of MARK magazine an interview with Jerry Ku and Julian Wang from E-Grow International Trading Co.. Having worked for the likes of Zaha Hadid Architects (Guangzhou Opera House), Foster+Partners (UAE Pavilion for Expo 2010), davidclovers (Barker Residence),… the company has patented an interesting waxing method to construct complex surfaces. ‘I do not like parametrically designed buildings. But this is the future,‘ and ‘The quality of the execution was terrible. I think Zaha also realizes this,‘ Jerry Ku says. Interview now online. Continue reading “E-GROW | Master of Moulds | publication”

Shanghai demolition | Potemkin Paradox

Hanzhong subway station area | June 13, 2012 [click above to enlarge]

On Wednesday June 13, MovingCities, along with German architect-photographer Arnd Dewald, went for an evening walk around the Hanzhong subway station area 汉中路站 [Line 1] in Shanghai 上海. After strolling with Arnd Dewald earlier in April around the Xiaonanmen Station 小南门站 area [Line 9], a second installment.
Night shots [large format selection] and introduction to the Potemkin Paradox. Continue reading “Shanghai demolition | Potemkin Paradox”