Roberto Burle Marx | book review

Roberto Burle Marx - The Modernity of Landscape | Actar, 2011

MovingCities received a copy of “Roberto Burle Marx – The Modernity of Landscape(ACTAR 2011). The 350-page publication is a insightful introduction to this great Brazilian landscape architect, poet, gardener, painter etc.. and the role of and design with vegetation in the tropical climate. At some points the book is repetitive, but a delicate graphical design and great images make up for this. A review. Continue reading “Roberto Burle Marx | book review”

Shanghai | Inside the Embankment

Embankment Building | Shanghai, May 3, 2012

While living in the Embankment building [河滨大楼] in Shanghai 上海 we are constantly amazed by how well this building, completed in 1933, functions, not only architecturally, but also socially and collectively. So we went on a research, to know more by not leaving it, and discovered a history of Jewish migration to Shanghai, four sisters and film studios moving into the building. We found stories of obsessions and renovations, we strolled through its corridors and searched for anything connected to what was once the largest apartment building in the Far East. Continue reading “Shanghai | Inside the Embankment”

CAA Hangzhou School of Architecture | Review

CAA Hangzhou | Thesis Design Studio Review, May 21-22, 2012

Last week, MovingCities was invited by Erhard An-He Kinzelbach [KNOWSPACE architecture + cities] to Hangzhou 杭州 to jury the final year students projects at the School of Architecture of China Academy of Art Hangzhou [CAA] 中国美术学院建筑艺术学院. Also on review were the student work developed by Studio 崔富得 and Studio Hao Ruan 阮昊 + Devin Jernigan. Continue reading “CAA Hangzhou School of Architecture | Review”

Ípsilon Público | an interview with Wang Shu

Ípsilon | May 25, 2012

Today, Wang Shu receives the 2012 Pritzker Architecture Prize in Beijing. Exclusively for Ípsilon [a weekly cultural supplement of the Portuguese daily newspaper Público], MovingCities had a lengthy talk with Wang Shu 王澍 & Lu Wenyu 陆文宇 [amateur architecture studio 业余建筑工作室] about past, present and future.
The article – Wang Shu constrói a China tijolo a tijolo [Wang Shu, Constructing China Brick by Brick] – translated by Mónica Carriço, in Portuguese, is available for subscribers only.
We feature a couple of quotes and extracts. Continue reading “Ípsilon Público | an interview with Wang Shu”

Shanghai >> Hangzhou

Shanghai - Hangzhou | April 26, 2012

A couple of years we ago explained the objective of repetitive research as way to look better, to look deeper, to see fragments of a fleeting city, to pick up new pieces, to arrange and re-arrange – while repeatedly taking the same road – those architectures one hasn’t noticed before. We present a new case study; a Shanghai 上海 to Hangzhou 杭州 comparison. Continue reading “Shanghai >> Hangzhou”

Shanghai | Nø City Guide

No-City Guide | urbain-trop-urbain, 2012

Recently, Urbain, trop urbain published a staggering 714-page Nø-City Guide on Shanghai 上海. The guide isn’t your standard archi-app but an e-journal providing a subjective journey and discovery of this city. Presented as a hypertext stroll through the city, it documents a city and culture in change. It is an interesting bombardment of text and images. And all of that in French. Continue reading “Shanghai | Nø City Guide”

…China changes you | an interview

You can’t change China, China changes you | John van de Water, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, MovingCities sat down in Shanghai 上海 with Dutch architect John van de Water – NEXT ARCHITECTS China – to talk about his book “You can’t change China, China changes you[010 publisher, 2012]. Highly recommended, the book is a a formidable page-turner telling the story of a five-year long architectural discovery in and of China. Change you can believe in. Change you can construct. A publication of interest for anyone in or related to the architecture profession. Read it! Interview after the break. Continue reading “…China changes you | an interview”