Hong Kong | City of Corridors

Hong Kong | April 23, 2012

During a recent visit to Hong Kong 香港, MovingCities barely touched the ground. This not because we were floating through or flying over the city, but because parts of the main infrastructure, for pedestrians, is elevated. Snapshots from the City of Corridors. Continue reading “Hong Kong | City of Corridors”

HKU Shanghai | Final Review

HKU Shanghai Final Review | April 25, 2012

About two weeks ago, the second-year architecture students at the HKU Shanghai Study Centre presented their final projects. Dealing with the theme of ‘Central City/Peripheral City‘, the 35 students in the studios of Pascal Berger [HKU Shanghai Academic Director], Wang Fei 王飛 and Michael Tunkey showed an impressive set of design proposals, maquettes, thoughts and overview of their 3-month stay in Shanghai 上海. Continue reading “HKU Shanghai | Final Review”

CAA Hangzhou | Reframing Regionalism

Dairy at Mehsāna (Gujarat, India) by Achyut Kanvinde | 1969-74

The 6 lectures on regionalism at CAA Hangzhou aspire to reframe the readings on regionalism and position these in the post-colonial Asian urban and architectural context. As such it takes into account notions of national identity, certain types of man-made, not industrial nor international, modern architecture. The lectures explain the struggle between heterogeneous local architectural identities and the universal uniformity of expression that was one of the products of Modernism. It continues after Le Corbusier, de- and reconstructs Louis Khan. Continue reading “CAA Hangzhou | Reframing Regionalism”

Jingdezhen | In & Out

Jingdezhen | April 22, 2012

Jingdezhen 景德镇 is a stop-over city but also known for being a “Porcelain Capital” as it has been producing quality pottery for 1700 years. It is situated in the north-east of Jiangxi Province of China and neighbours Anhui. The city center area is located in the north-east of the Poyang Lake Plain, its area is 5,256 km² and the highest point is 1,618 metres. While on-the-move, the plane made a pit-stop. Accidental aerophotography. Continue reading “Jingdezhen | In & Out”

Shanghai >> Hangzhou

Shanghai - Hangzhou | April 12, 2012

A weekly train trip from Shanghai 上海 to Hangzhou 杭州 reveals an interesting and specific form of rural regionalism: the Zhejiang Farmers’ Architectural Style. It takes advantage of rural density, countryside construction culture, prefab architectural farming and combines picturesque with princely architectural ambitions. A report written on the railway tracks. Continue reading “Shanghai >> Hangzhou”

CAA Hangzhou | 6 lectures on Regionalism

CAA Hangzhou School of Architecture | April 12, 2012

The question how to rejuvenate the debate on critical regionalism is a trending topic in today’s architectural discourse. This month, Bert de Muynck | MovingCities is giving 6 lectures on the past, present and future of regionalism – at the School of Architecture, China Academy of Art 中国美术学院建筑艺术学院 in Hangzhou 杭州. Background after the break. Continue reading “CAA Hangzhou | 6 lectures on Regionalism”

Shanghai | Xiaonanmen

Xiaonanmen Station Area | Shanghai, April 8, 2012

On Sunday April 8, MovingCities, along with German architect-photographer Arnd Dewald, went scanning the area around the Xiaonanmen Station 小南门站 [Line 9] in Shanghai 上海. Arnd Dewald, who has been monitoring the area for a few months, is a great explorer and so we found ourselves walking in all kind of directions, wading through a world of destruction. Continue reading “Shanghai | Xiaonanmen”