Shanghai | Skyline Scan

Shanghai | February 12, 2012

After scanning the satellite towns of Shanghai 上海, MovingCities went scanning the city’s skyline. This time around no subway travels to the end of town, but static research: a series, spanning two months, of skyline snapshots as seen from our window. Continue reading “Shanghai | Skyline Scan”

Congratulations Wang Shu! | Pritzker Prize

Wang Shu | Amateur Architecture Studio

From Local Hero to Global Hero in three years time! MovingCities wishes to congratulate Wang Shu 王澍 & Lu Wenyu 陆文宇 [amateur architecture studio 业余建筑工作室] for receiving the 2012 Pritzker Architecture Prize. He is a great architect and source of inspiration. This is a great moment for contemporary Chinese architecture. As an homage, we collected a series of encounters we had with him and his work during the past few years. Continue reading “Congratulations Wang Shu! | Pritzker Prize”

> Ordos 100, directed by Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei > Ordos 100
Official Selection International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012.
Ordos 100, directed by Ai Weiwei (China, 2012)

HKU Shanghai | spring lecture series

Spring 2012 Special Lecture Series | HKU Shanghai Study Center, 2012

Architecture on Speed is the title of the Spring Lecture series at the HKU Shanghai Study Centre. Today, Thursday, February 23, Albert Pope [principal investigator at] will lecture on ‘The Subject of Megalopolis’; and, next Monday, February 27, Jonathan D Solomon [Acting Head of the Department of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong] will discuss ‘Aformal Architecture’. Lectures start at 7.30pm. Background after the break. Continue reading “HKU Shanghai | spring lecture series”

The Residence | video + lecture

Ronny Heiremans & Katleen Vermeir, The Residence (2012) [pic by Kristien Daem].

The Residence [a wager for the afterlife] is a video project by Belgian artist-duo Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans [website], on display in Argos, Brussels, until April 1, 2012. Their new video focusses on the artist as entrepreneur in a global society that qualifies economy as the single measure of things and is the result of a six month residency in China in 2009-10. Besides the video, they also host the The Residence [reading room] – presenting itself as a discursive platform and a dense cabinet of curiosities in ExtraCity, Antwerp. During several Saturdays in the coming 2 months, ExtraCity will host a series of performances, screenings, lectures and book presentations. As part of this program, Bert de Muynck | MovingCities will lecture about The Creative City in China on Saturday March 10, 2012. Continue reading “The Residence | video + lecture”

a+t density series | book review

This is Hybrid & Density is Home | a+t architecture publishers

A couple of weeks ago, MovingCities received two books from a+t architecture publishers: This is Hybrid and Density is Home. The last publication presents 37 projects on collective housing, while the first, featuring a preface by Steven Holl, presents itself as the first theoretical-practical book on hybrid buildings, an analysis of mixed-use buildings and a showcase of architecture build up by accounting books. Continue reading “a+t density series | book review”

Shanghai | Satellite Scan

Line 6 to Holland Town | Shanghai, December 2011

While working on an article, for an upcoming issue of Bauwelt, on the European-themed satellite towns in Shanghai 上海 MovingCities went scanning the suburbs of the city. Taking the subway to the last stops on Line 9, Line 7 and Line 6 we arrived in Thames Town, Nordic Town and Holland Town. The result of this hallucinatory visits will be shared later, for now a couple of images of a sideways Shanghai 上海 as seen from behind the subway window. Continue reading “Shanghai | Satellite Scan”