Bandung | Car-Free City

Bandung | November 27, 2011

As in many Indonesia cities we visited, on Sunday mornings Bandung becomes a car free city. Don’t expect a totally empty city though as only some streets are forbidden for cars. Don’t expect neither a full day, as the restriction strangely already ends at 10am. And don’t expect emptiness neither, as on Sunday mornings local citizens enjoy music, strolling, food and meeting friends. Continue reading “Bandung | Car-Free City”

Jakarta >> Bandung

Jakarta - Bandung | November 26, 2011

During weekends, the road from Jakarta to Bandung can be jammed. Many people had warned us: it might take somewhere between 2 and 6 hours to make the 120 kilometer trip. Reason for the city’s popularity is not only its distinctly milder climate, but also the plethora of factory outlet stores that fill the city. People don’t go to see Tropical Modernity during weekends, but we did. MovingCities was lucky, and in the good hands of Xtrans, a “Point to point (shuttle)”, in itself an almost self-contradictory on-time shuttle service, connecting the capital with a creative city in the making. Continue reading “Jakarta >> Bandung”

Jakarta >> Bali

Jakarta to Bali | November 21, 2011

In the second half of November, MovingCities was back in Indonesia. On the agenda a couple of disclosed meetings, a lot being on-the-move, spending few days in Jakarta and connecting with old and future friends. The results? Pay attention to future publications and projects on this site. For now, time for flying, from Jakarta to Denpasar (the province capital of Bali) and aerophotography. Continue reading “Jakarta >> Bali”

FI-SZ Symposium on Architectural Competitions

Finland-Shenzhen Symposium on Architectural Competitions | Shenzhen 6th Dec 2011

MovingCities presents/organizes/debates tomorrow, Tuesday DEC 6th – at Shenzhen Urban Planning & Land Resources 深圳规划大厦, the ‘Finland-Shenzhen Symposium on Architectural Competitions’ 深圳×芬兰建筑设计竞赛座谈会邀请. The symposium is hosted by the Shenzhen Center for Design 都市实践 and supported by Helsinki World Design Capital 2012. Info, background and program after the break. Continue reading “FI-SZ Symposium on Architectural Competitions”

Shenzhen | ‘Architects In The House’ party

Architects in the House - Finland's architecture party | 2011 SZHK Biennale

MovingCities proudly invites/supports/presents the ARCHITECTS IN THE ‘HOUSE – Finland’s architecture party! Tunes and theories by architects-musicians Tuomas Toivonen & Martti Kalliala. Next Wednesday, DEC 7th – at Idutang OCT in Shenzhen – starting at 9pm – they’ll play, perform and plan till late. The event is hosted by Helsinki World Design Capital 2012, as part of the 2011 Shenzhen-Hongkong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture-program.
Continue reading “Shenzhen | ‘Architects In The House’ party”

Shenzhen | Scenes from the Street

Shenzhen | November 12, 2011

On our last day in Shenzhen 深圳, MovingCities strolled the streets, occasionally hovering on top of them, scanning the Super Skyline. Shenzhen 深圳 is not only a city of planning, progress and pompous towers, but foremost a city of people, intimate and public places, of pavements and shifting population patterns. Continue reading “Shenzhen | Scenes from the Street”

Shenzhen Planning Building | Urbanus Architecture & Design

Shenzhen Planning Building by Urbanus Architecture & Design | November 11, 2011

On Friday November 11, MovingCities paid a visit to the Shenzhen Planning Building 深圳规划大厦, designed by Urbanus Architecture & Design 都市实践. Located inside the building is the Shenzhen Center for Design 都市实践, a newly established NGO institute aiming to encourage and promote innovative urban and habitat design. Currently they are organizing the 1-Unit 100-Families 10000-Residents Competition of Affordable Housing Design. Deadline for the competition is near, on Friday November 25, 2011. Background and info. Continue reading “Shenzhen Planning Building | Urbanus Architecture & Design”