Copy/Culture Symposium | lecture

Copy/Culture Symposium | Beijing, September 27, 2011

After a small summer-hiatus [Lisbon, Brussels, Amsterdam], MovingCities is back on track. We’re working on and cooking a few projects that will get shape, form and life in the coming few months. Keep checking us out here [or contact us]. We’re resuming blogging with an announcement of an upcoming MovingCities-lecture at the “Copy/Culture Symposium [模仿抄袭/文化©]” [organized by Premsela] in Beijing 北京 this upcoming Tuesday, September 27, 2011. Continue reading “Copy/Culture Symposium | lecture”

China’s New Housing Agenda | publication

Bezalel Papers on Architectures | issue#2, July 2011

If China will face a housing crisis in the future, it will be an affordable one. After decades of focusing on industrialization and urbanization, it may be well expected that in the coming decade the notion of “hybrid habitation” will become a new driver for China’s social-economical development. The new issue of Bezalel Papers on Architecture [issue#2] is out, including a text by MovingCities called China’s New Housing Agenda. Continue reading “China’s New Housing Agenda | publication”

Paul Rudolph | Jakarta + Surabaya

Intiland Tower | Jakarta, June 24, 2011
Paul Rudolph Intiland Towers

It is a weird, amazing, thrilling and depressive feeling to encounter the office towers that the architect Paul Rudolph [1918-1997] has constructed in Jakarta and in Surabaya. Weird, amazing and thrilling, because one can see a glimpse of an architectural future where tropicalist thinking meets megastructural modernity; depressive because they seem to be largely neglected by today’s architectural debate on sustainable structures. An introduction and a tale of two towers. Continue reading “Paul Rudolph | Jakarta + Surabaya”

Surabaya | Suramadu and shoreline

Suramadu bridge | Surabaya, Indonesia, July 6, 2011

The Suramadu – short for Surabaya-Madura – Bridge (Indonesian: Jembatan Suramadu), is a bridge connecting Surabaya on the island of Java and the town of Bangkalan on the island of Madura. Opened in June 2009, the 5.4-km bridge is the longest in Indonesia and the first bridge to cross the Madura Strait. Snapshots from Suramadu and Surabaya’s Eastern shore. Continue reading “Surabaya | Suramadu and shoreline”

Surabaya | kampung Plampitan

kampung Plampitan | Surabaya, July 5, 2011

On July 5, MovingCities explored the kampung Plampitan with a group of local Surabayan architects. Some historical heritage sites – such as “Masjid Peneleh”, “Dutch Cemetery” and “House of Roeslan Abdul Gani” are located there. In May 2011 this kampung was the site of intervention for the “refugees of future cities“-project, an exhibition discussing the problems and possibilities for “urban living environments” with local residents. Background and info. Continue reading “Surabaya | kampung Plampitan”

Surabaya | kampung Kebalen

kampung Kebalen | Surabaya, July 4, 2011

On July 4, MovingCities explored the kampung Kebalan in the center of Surabaya. We discovered canals, containers and even a wedding ceremony. This kampung was the recipient of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, 1986, due to the implementation of the Surabaya Kampung Improvement Programme which started in 1981. 30 years later it becomes clear that the effect of the improvement programma can be felt, but also that they are in need of adjustment in relation to the 21st century urban ambitions of Surabaya. Continue reading “Surabaya | kampung Kebalen”

The Xi’an trident | publication

Xi'an Expo | May 30, 2011
plasma studio Xian

From a distance, the Exhibition Centre looks like a crescent wave, Poseidon’s trident or a triclops sea snake. Its straightforward design suggests that architectural labour and thinking was involved, but indeed it feels like a sketch on a napkin. DOMUS 949 [July/August 2011] is out, including a review by Bert de Muynck | MovingCities of the work of plasma studio for the Xi’an International Horticultural Expo 2011. The Xi’an trident is now online. Continue reading “The Xi’an trident | publication”