Jakarta >> Surabaya

Surabaya, Indonesia | July 4, 2011

It is always dangerous to draw conclusions from capital cities. The pressure from politics, foreign and domestic companies, even from local and international cultural critics,… all come into play when dealing with cities such Brussels, Beijing 北京, Johannesburg or Stockholm. If Jakarta is all about traffic jams, sheds, skylines and shopping-malls, how would the rest of the Indonesian cities look like? On July 4, MovingCities took a one hour flight from Jakarta to Surabaya, a 3 million-inhabitants port city, capital of the province of East Java and the main seaport and commercial center in the eastern region of Indonesia.
aerophotography – cities from the cabin. Continue reading “Jakarta >> Surabaya”

Jakarta | crinkling center

Jakarta | June 26, 2011

Wall Scraper Syndicate, tagged someone on a facade in Central Jakarta. On a recent sweltering Sunday Morning MovingCities traversed, by foot and tuktuk, the administrative and political heart of the city, acting like the imaginary City Scraper Syndicate. Continue reading “Jakarta | crinkling center”

Jakarta | slow skyline

Jakarta | June 25, 2011

When MovingCities landed in Jakarta on June 22, the city celebrated its 484th birthday. In the three years that passed since our last visit, the city’s skyline has barely changed. Steady, but not spectacularly. Impressions from a colossally slow skyline city. Continue reading “Jakarta | slow skyline”

Jakarta | ‘Rumah Rumah Tanpa Pintu’ opening

Rumah Rumah Tanpa Pintu | July 1, 2011

For Indonesian architects, a house is usually their first project, the first experiment, the first chance to make a built work. […] By removing the client out of this context, we enlarge the room to explore architecture.” So states Danny Wicaksono in his curatorial intentions for the Rumah Rumah Tanpa PintuHouses Without Doors – exhibition. The opening weekend in Jakarta was a great event full off maquettes, jongArsitek!, (but also other) architects and creatives – drinks, dialogues, music, presentation and food. Continue reading “Jakarta | ‘Rumah Rumah Tanpa Pintu’ opening”

Jakarta | ‘Rumah Rumah Tanpa Pintu’ exhibition

Rumah Rumah Tanpa Pintu | jongArsitek! exhibition

Rumah Rumah Tanpa PintuHouses Without Doors – is an exhibition showcasing the investigation of 11 young Indonesian architects into the subject. Curated by Danny Wicaksono [Studio Dasar & founder of jongArsitek!] the exhibit opens today, July 1 at Dia.Lo.Gue Art Space in South Jakarta and runs till July 20. MovingCities will give a lecture on Sunday 3rd, as part of the events. More info and background. Continue reading “Jakarta | ‘Rumah Rumah Tanpa Pintu’ exhibition”

Jakarta | jungle jazz

Setiabudi, Jakarta | June 23-25, 2011

MovingCities resides the coming weeks in Jakarta and beyond. ‘Welcome to the concrete jungle’, our cab driver told us when driving in the middle of the night from the airport to our hotel. In the heart of this jungle lays the Setiabudi-district. A hip and distinct location, said the brochure in our hotel room. That is, when one likes sheds, colorful structures and self-built architecture. A report from the metropolitan maze. Continue reading “Jakarta | jungle jazz”

Shanghai | repetitive research

Embankment - Pudong Airport | June 22, 2011

Once again, MovingCities is on-the-move, with Pudong airport -our most boring – gateway to China and the world. Three weeks after our last visit, we were forced to go there again and did exactly the same trajectory. We introduce: Shanghai 上海 and the impact of repetitive urban research. Continue reading “Shanghai | repetitive research”