Embankment >> Pudong airport | Shanghai

Shanghai to Pudong Airport | May 30, 2011

What does a drive from the centre of Shanghai 上海 to the airport reveal about the city? Is the drive up the inclined planes to the elevated highway a foreplay to flying? Snapshots from an early-morning expedition into a jungle of towers, a peripheric patchwork of pylons, while speeding along a city of sounds barriers. Once again, we’re on-the-move. Continue reading “Embankment >> Pudong airport | Shanghai”

Embankment building Shanghai | May 2011

View from Embankment Building Shanghai | May 14, 2011

When completed in 1932, the Embankment building was the largest apartment building then built in Shanghai, containing 194 apartments over eight floors. (…) It featured an indoor swimming pool with water supplied from an artesian well which also provided water to the apartments. So writes Anne War in ‘Shanghai Architecture‘ (2007). A first installment of a new monthly series [thanks Leo!] of monitoring what is happening in and around the Embankment building 河滨大楼. Continue reading “Embankment building Shanghai | May 2011”

7 books | in the movingcities mailbox

Empires, Ruins + Networks | edited by Scott McQuire & Nikos Papastergiadis

MovingCities loves books. We like to read, receive and review them. We buy them [first-hand, second-hand, from all kind of hands] and we get them. During the past months our mailbox [see contact] digested seven diverse titles. All dealing with topics we’re curious about: urbanism, architecture, media, crisis, Beijing 深圳, construction and urban screens. It’s thank-you time to Scott McQuire, Xuefei Ren and Josep Lluís Mateo for sending, and Archined for the opportunity of reviewing. architecture book review Continue reading “7 books | in the movingcities mailbox”

NAi China workshop | day III

NAi China Housing workshop | Tuesday April 26, 2011

The third, and final day of the ‘NAi China Housing workshop’ went further, deeper and broader into understanding the potential of bringing in social/affordable/low-cost/low-rent housing in the context of the VANKE 万科 Xianghe-project. Snapshots while Dutch and Chinese architects are discussing masterplans, manuals and methodologies. Continue reading “NAi China workshop | day III”

NAi China workshop | day II

NAi China Housing workshop | Monday April 25, 2011

The second day of the “NAi China Housing workshop” comprised of a series of housing-related project presentations by Dutch and Chinese architects, followed by discussions, brainstorms and sketching sessions. During the morning program, Mao Daqing 毛大庆 [Executive Vice President, Vanke Co Ltd, President of Beijing Vanke Co Ltd] introduced the operations and ambitions of VANKE 万科, followed by the Xianghe Project Introduction 香河项目介绍 by Zhao Feifei 赵菲菲 [Beijing Vanke Co Ltd]. Continue reading “NAi China workshop | day II”

NAi China workshop | day I

CN-NL Housing Symposium | Sunday April 24, 2011

On Sunday April 24, the “NAi China Housing workshop” launched with a symposium at the China Academy of Art Hangzhou [CAA] School of Architecture 中国美术学院建筑艺术学院. Review of a day in 37 snapshots. Continue reading “NAi China workshop | day I”

Major Forces | an interview with Sun Jiwei

Major Forces | Sun Jiwei | MARK Magazine#31

Bert de Muynck | MovingCities published in a recent issue of MARK magazine an interview with Sun Jiwei 孙继伟, District Mayor of Shanghai Jiading District People’s Government [Jiading New City 嘉定区]. Currently Sun Jiwei 孙继伟 is fully engaged in public administration and plotting the future of a district with 1.2 million inhabitants, about an hour’s drive from the heart of Shanghai. Jiading is no Curitiba, Bogotá or Ljubljana, where mayors with architectural aspirations – Jaime Lerner, Enrique Peñalosa and Zoran Janković, respectively – have been given mandates by the people. In Jiading, as in towns and cities all over China, the mayor serves the People’s Government. Interview now online. Continue reading “Major Forces | an interview with Sun Jiwei”