NAi China workshop | symposium

CN-NL Housing Symposium | Sunday April 24, 2011

On Sunday April 24, the ‘NAi China Housing workshop’ will kick-off with a symposium at the China Academy of Art Hangzhou [CAA] School of Architecture 中国美术学院建筑艺术学院. Program and details after the break. Continue reading “NAi China workshop | symposium”

NAi China workshop | background

China Social Housing Building Plan | source; ChinaTells

There are several sources one can look into while conducting research on China’s current housing situation. In preparation for the “NAi China Housing workshop” we tagged our daily news-resources [China Daily, Foreign Policy, Global Times, ChinaTells and others], scanned our library and talked to people. 4 examples. Continue reading “NAi China workshop | background”

NAi China workshop | intro

China to build 10m affordable homes in 2011 | China Daily, March 10, 2011

During the past few weeks, we’ve been working, co-organizing and pre-producing the upcoming “NAi China Housing workshop.” This 3-day workshop is a continuation of previous collaborative efforts between the Netherlands Architecture Institute [NAi], a select group of Dutch and Chinese architects, and a Chinese real-estate developer, to develop solutions for China’s pressing affordable [low-income, low-cost] housing situation. From April 24-26, the first NAi-China workshop is taking place in the China Academy of Art, School of Architecture 中国美术学院建筑艺术学院 in Hangzhou 杭州. Continue reading “NAi China workshop | intro”


View on Shanghai from MovingCities' studio | April, 2011

MovingCities loves relocating, resettling, packing in and packing out.
After living and working for about one and a half year close to Jing’An Temple, MovingCities recently moved to the Embankment Building on North Suzhou Creek Road. Built in 1933-35, and designed by Palmer & Turner, upon completion it was billed as the biggest building in China. From now on we’ll be operating from there. >> NEW address Continue reading “MOVINGCITIES is moving”

Beijing DOMUS architecture guide

Beijing National Library | July, 2010

A library, research center, art complex, jewelry garden and a former China-Japan Youth Exchange Center are few examples of the selection of the 40 projects in Beijing 北京 for the Beijing DOMUS architecture guide (iPhone iPad app NOW $0.99). MovingCities stripped structures to their bare essence: location, description, architects info, construction year, architect birth year, services, opening hours, entrance fee, phone, public transit, address in Chinese. Check, double check and triple check. Its great when buildings become excel-sheets. Details and preview after the break. Continue reading “Beijing DOMUS architecture guide”

Shanghai DOMUS architecture guide

Shanghai Museum | July, 2010

About one year ago, DOMUS contacted MovingCities with the request to select, photograph and localize in Beijing 北京 and Shanghai 上海 40 architectural projects for an IT application specially intended for i-phone© and ipad© products. The Shanghai DOMUS architecture guide (iPhone iPad app) is out! [$4.99 NOW $0.99, in English & Italian] Details and preview after the break. Continue reading “Shanghai DOMUS architecture guide”

Guangzhou | untall towers

Guangzhou | March 12, 2011

It is no secret that our species easily complains when it thinks buildings are too tall.
But what about when they’re not tall enough? Continue reading “Guangzhou | untall towers”