Shanghai >> Guangzhou

Shanghai Guangzhou | December 5, 2010

Urban China in 30 frames [aerophotography] Shanghai to Guangzhou. Continue reading “Shanghai >> Guangzhou”

Architecture of Consequence | lecture & debate

Architecture of Consequence | NAi

The Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi) & MovingCities cordially invites you to the launch of Urban Flux magazine: “Architecture of Consequence“. 荷兰建筑师协会(NAi)与 MovingCities 诚邀您参加《城市空间设计》[总第16期]的推出活动]。This event will take place on next Saturday 18  at STUDIO X Beijing. 此活动将于2010年12月18日在 STUDIO X Beijing举行。

Ole Bouman [director NAi] will hold a lecture, followed by a debate and drinks. 届时,Ole Bouman [荷兰建筑师协会理事]将举行演讲,随后将进行相关讨论,并提供茶歇。Program starts at 4pm. Background after the break. Continue reading “Architecture of Consequence | lecture & debate”

Atelier Deshaus | publication

Atelier Deshaus | MARK Magazine#28

Bert de Muynck | MovingCities published in a recent issue of MARK magazine an interview with Chinese architects Atelier Deshaus 大舍建筑. In the interview, the Shanghai-based office talks about their recently completed projects such as Jiading Kindergarten, Fuel Gas Management Station and Jiansu Software Park. Furthermore they talk about the local Shanghainese building culture, their desire to take it slow, the reality of letting-go, their traditional-hybrid approach and their believe that architecture should be about progressive spatial experiences. Now online. Continue reading “Atelier Deshaus | publication”

> Bert de Muynck on ‘Koolhaas in Beijing’ – book review

ArchiNed > Mik in Beijing
Bert de Muynck reviews ‘Koolhaas in Beijing’ by Edzard Mik [DUTCH]

Shanghai >> Qingpu

Shanghai - Qingpu | November 10, 2010

Invited by Mathieu Borysevicz [Deputy Director at Shanghai Gallery of Art], MovingCities joined a group of art critics and journalists to Shanghai Qingpu District 青浦区 for a studio-visit of Chinese artist Hu Xiangcheng 胡项城. Reason so is Hu Xiangcheng Solo Exhibition: Itinerant Dieties at Shanghai Gallery of Art. Snapshots while moving from the art gallery to artist studio; from the Bund to the suburbs. Continue reading “Shanghai >> Qingpu”

Maximum Life in Minimum Space | publication

Macau | July 2009

How much space does the average man, woman or family needs in order to live comfortably? And how to define the average man, woman or family? Do we measure him, her and them in economical and financial terms or in terms of personality and their relationship with other people, with their surrounding spiritual and cultural space? Is it more important to have a thousand friends online than being able to receive all of them in your house? Questions raised and, partly, answered in Maximum Life in Minimum Space 小空间,大生活 . Continue reading “Maximum Life in Minimum Space | publication”

DOUBLE HAPPY (8+8=19) | publication

Double Happy | photo by Hanne Granberg

DOUBLE HAPPY: (8+8=19) Views on Architecture in Finland and China
双喜: (8+8=19) 份对芬兰和中国建筑的观察 is a new review, published by Newly Drawn – a project initiated and run by a group of young independent Finnish architects – curated in cooperation with OK Do. Amongst many contributors, Bert de Muynck | MovingCities wrote a piece called ‘Zigzagging Zibo‘. Continue reading “DOUBLE HAPPY (8+8=19) | publication”