Belgium | drive-through

Belgium | September 1, 2010

The Washington Post calls it a Belgian family drama and the Hollywood Report a bawdy, heartfelt glimpse into a proudly dysfunctional Belgium family. No, we’re not reviewing the current political crisis in Belgium, but quote reactions on The Misfortunates, a movie by Belgian director Felix van Groeningen, based on a novel by Dimitri Verhulst. Driving recently by train through the Flemish countryside, we were reminded about the analysis of Gunther Strobbe, the main character in the movie. Continue reading “Belgium | drive-through”

NAi China Program | day III

NAi China Program | visit to Roombeek culture cluster by SeARCH | Enschede, Sep 1 2010

After Rotterdam and Amsterdam, there was Enschede, located in the North-East of the Netherlands. The final day of the NAi China Program [see day 1 & day 2] consisted of a visit to the city’s Roombeek area. Here, in May 2000, a catastrophic fireworks explosion occurred killing 23 people and destroying 40 hectare area around the warehouse. Around 400 houses were destroyed, 15 streets incinerated and a total of 1,500 homes were damaged, leaving 1,250 people homeless – essentially obliterating the neighbourhood of Roombeek. Continue reading “NAi China Program | day III”

NAi China Program | day II

Amsterdam | August 31, 2010

On the second day of the NAi China Program [see day 1] we visited a couple of classic housing projects [MVRDV’s Parkrand, the 1990s KNSM-island developments…] and large residential areas in transformation [Amsterdam West, areas along the riverbanks of the IJ…], all located in Amsterdam. Background and snapshots. Continue reading “NAi China Program | day II”

NAi China Program | day I

NAi Archives | Rotterdam, August 30, 2010

About one year ago, the Netherlands Architecture Institute [NAi] asked MovingCities to set up a so-called NAi matchmaking-program in China. The program is part of the new international agenda of the NAi and has the ambition to instigate collaborations between Dutch and Chinese architects. One year of talking, working, interviewing, plotting and scheming later, the NAi invited – in September 2010 – a select group of Chinese architect for a study trip to the Netherlands. Info and impressions after the break. Continue reading “NAi China Program | day I”

Zhang Lei | publication

Zhang Lei (AZL) | Nanjing, March 2010
Zhang Lei interview

Bert de Muynck | MovingCities published in a recent issue of MARK magazine an interview with Chinese architect Zhang Lei 张雷 [Atelier ZhangLei 张雷联合建筑事务所]. In the interview, the Nanjing-based architect talks about his recently completed projects such as Split House and Brick House. Furthermore talk went about Chinese architecture in the 1980s, CIPEA, and his desire to become more middle of the road and keeping his work under control. Now online. Continue reading “Zhang Lei | publication”

Design for Daily Life | seminar

Zibo | September, 2009

On Friday September 17 2010, MovingCities is co-organizing the ‘Design Dialogue: Design for Daily Life’ at the Dutch Design Workspace in Shanghai. The seminar consists out of three sessions of two short presentations, one by a Dutch, one by a Chinese designer, each time followed by a discussion. The seminar is set-up as a “research by debate” session questioning what comprises quality of life, today and in the future. If you’re around, RSVP and join. Continue reading “Design for Daily Life | seminar”

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