Santiago de Chile | Two Tales

Alejandro Aravena & Ricky Burdett | London School of Economics | by Levent Kerimol

While in Santiago de Chile, MovingCities sporadic contributor Levent Kerimol visited the much acclaimed Elemental’s La Pintana and Lo Espejo housing projects and scanned Ciudad Abierta – Valparaiso University’s architectural playground (dixit Diego Grass Puga). Levent files a report and tells two tales of how an architect’s attempts to change the world are obstructed by his ego. Continue reading “Santiago de Chile | Two Tales”

Beijing | Gulou Hutong(s)

Area around Gulou Dajie subway station | May 20, 2010

Gulou hutong 胡同 Beijing | A short trip down the metropolitan memory lane: in 2008 we published Making Minced Meat out of Memory [MONU Magazine] and in 2009 our Hutong Histories-triptych [1, 2 & 3]. It’s 2010 and the destruction of the Gulou area is still going strong. These days D+STREAM picks up Hutong Cemeteries; the New York Times reports on it [same old, same old] and MovingCities revisits the Gulou area.

Continue reading “Beijing | Gulou Hutong(s)”

Beijing | Do You Hutong?

Lumicang Hutong | Beijing, July 5, 2010

Do You Hutong? [看!胡同] – upcoming Saturday, July 17 from 19:00 to 23:00, at the Three Shadows Photography Art Centre – is a fund-raising event hosted by the Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP). The eve will blend cultural heritage, art, dialogue and interpretation. Our distant contribution to support awareness around this subject is our yearly coverage of the current debate and some snapshots. MovingCities features the Lumicang Hutong 禄米仓胡同. Continue reading “Beijing | Do You Hutong?”

Beijing | SOHO Sanlitun & skyline

SOHO Sanlitun by Kengo Kuma | April 26, 2010

SOHO Sanlitun
During the past few months MovingCities was a couple of times in Beijing [北京]. As we did not keep up the pace of posting, this week we present a selection of past impressions centered around our favorite Beijing topics: hutong(s), highways, hyperblocks and skylines. We lift off with some rooftop-views on Kengo Kuma‘s recently completed Sanlitun SOHO-project [三里屯SOHO官方网站]. Continue reading “Beijing | SOHO Sanlitun & skyline”

> Bert de Muynck: ‘The City Seekers’ publication

we make money not art > book review: Beyond no.2 – Values and Symptoms
edited by Pedro Gadanho (SUN publishers) w/ Bert de Muynck’s contribution:
The City Seekers

Shenzhen | highway snapshots

Shenzhen | June 28, 2010

A quick glimpse of Shenzhen (深圳) while driving from the West to the East, from the OCT Art & Design Gallery to the Vanke Center.
Related news & readings: ‘Shenzhen house prices hamper growth‘, ‘Shenzhen Stock Exchange Tops Out‘, ‘Shenzhen Low Carbon City‘(pdf alert!), and  ‘Shenzhen ups property controls‘. Continue reading “Shenzhen | highway snapshots”

Shenzhen | Vanke Center by Steven Holl [2010]

Vanke Center by Steven Holl Architects | June 28, 2010
Steven Holl Architects Vanke Center in Shenzhen

While in Shenzhen 深圳 last week, MovingCities – along with Ole Bouman [director NAi] – paid a visit to Steven Holl’s Vanke Center. We were there last December to attend the opening of the “URBANISMS Steven Holl + Li Hu: 4 Projects in China“-exhibit [see previous post]. This time around no images of models and masses, instead, snapshots from the inside. Continue reading “Shenzhen | Vanke Center by Steven Holl [2010]”