Shanghai >> Jiading >> Shanghai

Shanghai - Jiading | July 1, 2010
Jiading New City 嘉定区 | greater Shanghai road trip

July 1st was the hottest day this year in Shanghai 上海 so far, as the mercury in the metropolis showed us 37.4 degrees. MovingCities escaped the heatwave and searched for a breeze in the suburbs. Accompanied by architect Chen Yifeng 陈屹峰 [Atelier Deshaus 大舍建筑] we visited the recently completed Kindergarten – opening September 1 – in Jiading New City 嘉定区. Snapshots and background. Continue reading “Shanghai >> Jiading >> Shanghai”

> Bert de Muynck over Europese paviljoens Expo 2010

ArchiNed > Shanghai World Expo 2010 – de Europese Paviljoens
Bert de Muynck over Europese paviljoens Expo 2010 [DUTCH]

Transit Labour | fieldtrip

Billboard on the way to Songjiang | June 26, 2010

“Songjiang, the Expo trip destination City” – featured one billboard along the way to Songjiang District 松江区, an Industrial Zone in the outskirts of Shanghai. Another one: “China Superhuman Group”. China’s highways are excellent lines of investigation to understand the course of its culture, construction and commerce. As part of the Transit Labour-project, last week MovingCities joined on a field trip to the Shanghai Meadville Electronics IT facility. Snapshots while monitoring city building and circuit board manufacturing. Continue reading “Transit Labour | fieldtrip”

> People meet the architect. WANG SHU

La Biennale di Venezia > People meet the architect. WANG SHU
12th International Architecture Exhibition – People meet in architecture

Shenzhen | Taking A Stance

Taking A Stance | Beijing, April 27 2010

This weekend, MovingCities will be in Shenzhen to be part of the opening and symposium of the China-touring ‘Taking A Stance’-exhibition. After Shanghai and Beijing, the NAi-exhibit will land in Shenzhen presenting 8 critical attitudes in Chinese and Dutch architecture and design featuring OMA, URBANUS, Ai Weiwei, Irma Boom, Alexander van Slobbe, MeWe, Ma Ke and Hella Jongerius. Continue reading “Shenzhen | Taking A Stance”

XU Tiantian interview | publication

Xu Tiantian (DnA) | Songzhuang artists’ residence
Xu TianTian interview | Songzhuang artists’ residence

Bert de Muynck | MovingCities published in a recent issue of MARK magazine an interview with Chinese architect XU Tiantian 徐甜甜 [DnA_Design and architecture]. The talk gave some background to and insight in one of her recently completed projects: the Songzhuang artists’ residence. Located in Beijing’s Tongzhou district, the residences [20 living and working units/studios] are organized in an intriguing play of stacked boxes. Now online. Continue reading “XU Tiantian interview | publication”

Nanjing | skyline

Nanjing skyline | March 13, 2010

Another birds’ eye glimpse of Nanjing. This time not a mega-maquette, but a fragmented metropolitan view on 1:1 scale seen from the two different hotels we stayed. From there Nanjing’s urban and architectural development looks rather mature. Overall there is an absence of large stretches of uniform zoning, as Nanjing presents itself as a fragmented mix of low and high-rises, of the bland and the beautiful. Continue reading “Nanjing | skyline”