Nanjing | Think Green Global Forum

Think Green Global Forum | Nanjing, April 7-9 2010

[re-post] A quick announcement about the Think Green Global Forum, organized by New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) and Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (NUPT), that is taking place the upcoming days in Nanjing. Bert de Muynck | MovingCities will hold a presentation during the “Green Building and Architecture” session hosted by Frank Mruk, Associate Dean NYIT, Architecture & Design. More info after the break. Continue reading “Nanjing | Think Green Global Forum”

Shanghai SNOWBALL Seminar | day II

OK-DO interviews Meng Yan / URBANUS | Shanghai SnowBall Seminar

[re-post] Second installment of our belated follow-up on the past Shanghai SNOWBALL Seminar. Friday March 26 was the second of a two day series of presentations and followed up in intensity, speed and range of topics on the first day. More SNOWBALL snapshots. Continue reading “Shanghai SNOWBALL Seminar | day II”

Shanghai SnowBall Seminar | day I

Shanghai SnowBall Seminar | March 25, 2010

[re-post] A belated follow-up on the past Shanghai SnowBall Seminar (as we are dealing on the background with some website issues). Thursday March 25 was the first of a two day series of presentations by Chinese and Finnish architects (program & timetable, participants & publication). SnowBall snapshots. Continue reading “Shanghai SnowBall Seminar | day I”

Shanghai SNOWBALL Seminar | program

SNOWBALL | Finnish and Chinese architecture

MovingCities is in full co-production mode as on Thursday March 25, the 3-day Shanghai SnowBall Seminar lifts off. The objective of the seminar is to offer insight in the latest achievements of both Finnish and Chinese architects and will take place at the Mansion Hotel. Information on participants, program, schedule and venues now online. Continue reading “Shanghai SNOWBALL Seminar | program”

Belgium | Autoroute de Wallonie

Autoroute de Wallonie | February 26, 2010

When in Belgium, MovingCities is mostly residing in the Northern part of the country, Flanders. Making up 55% of the territory of Belgium, and about 33% of its population, the Walloon Region is located in the South of Belgium. While in the North the population speaks Flemish (Dutch), the Southern Region speaks French. Snapshots of driving on the E42, the Autoroute de Wallonie, crossing Belgium from the West to the East. Continue reading “Belgium | Autoroute de Wallonie”

Liège | Guillemins TGV station

Liège Guillemins TGV Station | February 27, 2010
Liège Guillemins TGV station by architect Calatrava

Belgium is all about trains and railway stations, dilapidated and new ones. In this episode the Liège Guillemins TGV Station by Santiago Calatrava in 28 frames. For all other information and reviews check YouTube, ArcSpace, SkyScraperCity, Inhabitat, World Architecture News, The Guardian, Wikipedia, Google Images, Dezeen, Archinect, Bing, AltaVista, Icon and Oamos. Continue reading “Liège | Guillemins TGV station”

Brussels | North railway station

North Residency | Brussels, February 23, 2010

Last year, when visiting Brussels, MovingCities scanned Ground Euro – the European Quarter – and the area around La Femme & Parking58. This time around we look at the “North Residency”, a housing slab built in 1974, located the back of Brussels’ North Railway Station. Continue reading “Brussels | North railway station”