Belgium | trainstations & landscapes

Ghent | February 23, 2010

An extended series of images capturing one week of moving around in the northern part of Belgium, Flanders, by train. The home of continental Europe’s first railway, built in 1835, Belgium has one of Europe’s most extensive rail networks. Snapshots from Ghent, Antwerp, Bruges and Brussels. And the 99% urbanized area in between these cities.
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Amsterdam | the West

Amsterdam West | February 19, 2010

Snapshots of the last day in Amsterdam shows the area around the St. Lucas Andreas Hospital in the West of the city. Here, locked in-between the highway and the railway, hospitals are mixed with high-rise, construction sites with transportation networks. Territorial transformation, for the trendy and sporty, is at hand. Continue reading “Amsterdam | the West”

Learning from CCTV | publication

Learning from CCTV | An Interview with Rory McGowan | Mark Magazine#24
Rory McGowan interview | ARUP Beijing

In Mark Magazine #24 (February-March 2010), Bert de Muynck | MovingCities published an interview with Beijing-based structural engineer Rory McGowan [ARUP and ARUP in Beijing]. “Learning from CCTV | an interview with Rory McGowan” is now online. Continue reading “Learning from CCTV | publication”

Rotterdam | NAi exhibitions

Architecture of Consequence lecture by NAi director Ole Bouman | February 18, 2010
Disputed City Rotterdam NAi exhibition & Architecture of Consequence lecture

Thursday February 18, the Netherlands Architecture Institute [NAi] held a pre-opening of the ‘Disputed City’an exhibition about the outcry architecture can cause. This was followed by a lecture by NAi-director Ole Bouman on the ‘Architecture of Consequence‘, the theme of another exhibit, opening the following day. Both measure the effect of architecture on mankind. Continue reading “Rotterdam | NAi exhibitions”

Rotterdam | Central Station

Rotterdam Central Station | February 18, 2010

Do construction sites look different from one culture to another? Can one, after wandering around on them, define those characteristics that distinguish, lets say, a Chinese from a Dutch construction site? Should we look at the differences in size, location, density of man and materials, or at similarities such as concrete, steel and fences? Continue reading “Rotterdam | Central Station”

Amsterdam | the IJ

IJ Plein Urban Planning by OMA | February 17, 2010

After living and working in Amsterdam from 2001 to 2006, MovingCities has returned occasionally back to the city during the past years. In 2008 we interviewed professor Moshe Zwarts on the plans to build a city under the city, in 2009 to scan the destruction of the PostCS-building and to visit the notorious Bijlmermeer-area. This time around we look at the development of the IJ riverbank, the MuziekGebouw and OMA’s 1988 ‘IJ Plein Urban Planning‘-project. Continue reading “Amsterdam | the IJ”

Helsinki >> Amsterdam

Tuomas Toivonen drives through Finland | February 15, 2010

On Monday February 15, MovingCities was in Helsinki in the morning and Amsterdam in the evening. Driving on Finnish roads, flying over Europe and landing on a balcony in Amsterdam’s Western districts. Some snapshots of a European day of traveling.
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