Shanghai | Expo2010 site visit III

Shanghai World Expo 2010 | Spanish pavillion | January 19, 2010

Norway, Australia, China and Spain complete the third and final chapter of the MovingCities series on the Shanghai 2010 World Expo pavilions under construction. While in the first and the second post we covered parts of the European expo-district, today we are strolling over the elevated streets connecting different parts of the area. Continue reading “Shanghai | Expo2010 site visit III”

Shanghai EXPO 2010 | site visit II

Shanghai EXPO 2010 | Austrian pavilion | January 19, 2010

A second series of snapshots from our recent visit to the Shanghai Expo2010 construction site (check part I) in which we cover the Danish, Dutch, Russian, British and Austrian pavilion. Besides their obvious identification as national pavilions, some of these structures have an additional thematic names: in today’s case Welfairytales (DK) and Happy Street (NL), in yesterday’s Greenopolis (RO), The Sensual City (FR) and balancity (DE). Continue reading “Shanghai EXPO 2010 | site visit II”

Shanghai | Expo2010 site visit I

Shanghai World Expo 2010 | January 19, 2010

With less than 100 days before the opening of the World Expo, pavilions are getting in shape. Although structures are far from finished, the rough outlines of the future architectural experiences become visible – even so that these, to us, are more exciting than their expected state of completion. No cladding, no finished interiors, no green-designers’ draping, no visitors; only construction workers toiling everywhere. A MovingCities impression of the German, Swiss, French, Polish, Romanian and Luxembourg pavilion. Continue reading “Shanghai | Expo2010 site visit I”

Shanghai | Jing’an District III

Shanghai Jing'an District | January 18, 2010

After looking in close-up to the construction and the demolition of parts of Shanghai‘s Jing’an District, in our third and final installment we scan the skyline. And we ask ourselves, as a reader pointed out, what is the city concept of Shanghai? Is it something one can understand? Continue reading “Shanghai | Jing’an District III”

Shanghai | Jing’an District II

Shanghai Jing'an District | January 18, 2010

Right around our corner, the city is disappearing and being torn down. Since the beginning of this week, a section of Changde Lu (between Wuding Lu and Kangding Lu) is the territory where jackhammers, moving companies, land surveyors, local inhabitants and trucks take up with equal urban zeal their role in Shanghai‘s theater of progress. What for? Road widening? A new subway line? Expo-related renovation? Continue reading “Shanghai | Jing’an District II”

Shanghai | Jing’an District I

Shanghai Jing'an District | October 2009

Since mid-October 2009, MovingCities is based on the 26st floor of a tower located in Shanghai‘s Jing’an District, one the city’s most densely populated districts – bordering the Huangpu District in the East, and Suzhou Creek to the North. Somewhere in front of us two towers are under construction. It is not that they are adding one floor each day – don’t believe the hype – but, in the course of three months, progress has been visible. Some stop-motion/paparazzi impressions from a city, slowly but steady, going up. Continue reading “Shanghai | Jing’an District I”

Shanghai | subway and streets

Changyang Road | October 27, 2009

China is in transit and subways are sprouting around and under us. China is not only an urban nation, but with about 2500 kilometers of subway lines nationwide under construction it also more and more a subway nation. In December 2009, subway Line7, also called the Expo Line, opened in Shanghai (check subway map), connecting Shanghai University in the North and Huamu Road (Pudong) in the South of Shanghai. MovingCities went exploring the area around the Changzhong Road, just South of the University, drove through a rural and urban mix and came back with snapshots. Also, belated demolishment snapshots from a section of Changyang Rd. Continue reading “Shanghai | subway and streets”