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MovingCities on instagram: @movingcities_org

In 2013, MovingCities started using instagram [@movingcities_org] to capture our life in and above the cities, while on the move and wherever else we found ourselves: Shanghai 上海, Beijing 北京, Hangzhou 杭州, Chongqing 重庆, Guilin 桂林Lisbon, Antwerp, Bari or Lecce.
Understanding these moments as fleeting impressions of spatial conditions that captured our interest, we feature a selection of 18 images that tie 2013 together. You can find the whole overview here, and follow us in 2014 here. Continue reading “MovingCities | Instagram”

CLOG : SCI-FI | Shanghai SCI-FI Skyline

CLOG 'SCI-FI' | Summer 2013

With the end of 2013 fast approaching, we still wish to point at the SCI-FI issue of CLOG.
An architecture-related magazine, “CLOG explores, from multiple viewpoints and through a variety of means, a single subject particularly relevant to architecture now.” Selected by Gizmodo as one of the best books of 2013, this issue “susses out how pop culture’s wildest fantasies have wiggled their way into the real world—often by way of radical skyscrapers, unexpected material science, and urban planning.MovingCities contributed with a short text called Shanghai SCI-FI Skyline. Continue reading “CLOG : SCI-FI | Shanghai SCI-FI Skyline”

Shanghai | 2013 Westbund Biennial

Vertical Glass House 垂直玻璃宅 by Yung Ho Chang 张永和|2013 Westbund Biennial Shanghai

In few days time, the 2013 WestBund Biennial in Shanghai 上海 will close its doors. While MovingCities attended the opening ceremony on October 20, we went for a re-visit last week. That day, we found that several pavillions, including the main exhibition hall, were already shut down [and that one week prior to the official end]. We experienced a new type of event. In contrast with celebrated and well-communicated pre-openings, why not include the silent pre-closure as part of the program as well? Background to the biennial and the revitalization of the Westbund Riverfront. Continue reading “Shanghai | 2013 Westbund Biennial”

HKU Shanghai Study Center | Final Review

HKU Shanghai Study Center review | December 2, 2013

Last Monday, the second-year architecture students at the HKU Shanghai Study Centre presented their final projects. Dealing with ‘Architectural Urbanism‘, the 26 students in the studios of Pascal Berger [HKU Shanghai Academic Director], Elena Perez Garrigues and Zhu Xiaofeng 祝晓蜂 showed their design proposals, maquettes and thoughts of their 3-month stay in Shanghai 上海. Continue reading “HKU Shanghai Study Center | Final Review”

ABITARE China #34 HUTONG /Adaptation

《ABITARE 住》'Hutong/adaptation' | Guest-edited by MovingCities, 2013

In June 2013, ABITARE China magazine invited MovingCities to guest edit its summer issue on the topic of (re)Design Heritage – Strategies of Urban Renewal and the Chinese City. We took this opportunity to address one of the most urgent issues to discuss when dealing with the urban, architectural, cultural, social and economical development of the city of Beijing 北京: heritage, preservation, adaptive strategies and the hutong 胡同. Hence we came up with HUTONG /Adaptation as our unifying theme. Check this post for more background; read our Preface and TOC or order a copy of《Abitare》#34 [September 2013]. Continue reading “ABITARE China #34 HUTONG /Adaptation”

> CLOG : SCI-FI features MovingCities contribution

MovingCities publishes short contribution on CLOG : SCI-FI issue [June 2013 ENGLISH]

CLOG explores, from multiple viewpoints and through a variety of means, a single subject particularly relevant to architecture now.

TRY! | MovingCities Workshop in Bari

TRY! | MovingCities Workshop in Bari | September 16, 2013

Last September, MovingCities was invited by Regione PugliaARTI [Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation] to conduct a one-day workshop in Barivecchia (Old Bari, Italy). Under the program “TRY! – Training Regeneration Youth” part of “YOUTH ADRINET” -project, a group of 17 young participants attended this one-day workshop. We talked, shared, explored, speculated, mapped, discussed and observed. Continue reading “TRY! | MovingCities Workshop in Bari”