Shanghai >> Shenzhen >> Macau

Leaving Shanghai | November 4, 2009

Highways, elevated roads, bridges, tunnels, waiting rooms, tarmac, airports, cabins, runways, food for flying, turbojet, window seats, clouds, seafood, suburbs, aerophotography, land reclamation, islands, shipyards, masses, gambling, golf courts, corridors and borders. This week we are in the Pearl River Delta. First stop: Macau. A journey in snapshots.

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MOVINGCITIES is moving cities

On October 15 2009 MovingCities made a move! After living and working for three years in China’s capital we packed our belongings and moved South. From now on we’ll be operating from Shanghai. New address! Continue reading “MOVINGCITIES is moving cities”

Breaking down Beijing + URBAN CARPET

Area around Gulou Dajie subway station | September 17, 2009

Urban Carpet 8x5 by Instant Hutong | Urban Carpet: Brown (Xi Si Bei, 2009)

With a two and a half month hiatus, MovingCities is following up on the hutong destruction around Gulou Subway Station. After introducing the area and the discussion about Beijing‘s hutong preservation/hallucinations, we now look at half-hutongs: a combination of dust and debris, bricks, and semi-transparent green plastic meshes covering rubble and ruins. Snapshots of semi-structures followed by a short intro to Instant Hutong‘s latest project: URBAN CARPET 8×5.
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Adi Purnomo | Green & Tidy | MARK magazine#21

Puri Indah by mamostudio | Mark Magazine#21

In Mark Magazine #21 (August-September 2009), Bert de Muynck | MovingCities published a review of the Puri Indah House by the Jakarta-based architecture office mamostudio. “Green and Tidy” is now online. Continue reading “Adi Purnomo | Green & Tidy | MARK magazine#21”

POROSITY C8studio | Shanghai exhibition

Porosity Studio | Shanghai, September 25, 2009

On Friday September 25, POROSITY C8studio came to a conclusion with an exhibit of the students’ work. Entitled E-SCAPE the two week workshop was a partnership between Professor Richard Goodwin’s Porosity Studio, and the COLLABOR8 -project (C8), in collaboration with Donghua University (Shanghai) and COFA (Sydney). No Utopia! Continue reading “POROSITY C8studio | Shanghai exhibition”

THERE IS NO I IN TEAM | Berlin radio show

image: Meiya Lin, Emigrant Serial Number_2: Passing the Torch, 2007

THERE IS NO I IN TEAM is a three-day event at PROGRAM, Berlin. Running from October 15th to 17th it brings together cutting-edge  video, live audiovisuals and performance art and creative communities from both China and Berlin. MovingCities will be part of Friday’s radio show on the topic of China’s Creative topography and Getting Lost Together. Continue reading “THERE IS NO I IN TEAM | Berlin radio show”

Shanghai | streets

Shanghai subway | September 25, 2009

Concluding the short territorial triptych of Shanghai, MovingCities looks at the city from the street level. After seeing the city as a corridor of constructions and a carpet of collisions, the ground level is a canvas for civic life. Here goods are transported, accidents happen and the continuous swirl of metropolitan life can be barely frozen in pictures. Continue reading “Shanghai | streets”