Shanghai | skyline

Shanghai | September 23, 2009

After monitoring the city while moving in elevated ecstacy, MovingCities went further up the city’s construction chain. What we were looking for was a room with a view on “a sprawling wall of skyscrapers featuring at its bottom a mish-mash of shops.Continue reading “Shanghai | skyline”

Shanghai | elevation

Shanghai | September 18, 2009

MovingCities resided the past two weeks in Shanghai. Giving a lecture on September 18 as part of the two week E-SCAPE POROSITY C8studio at Donghua University (background and outcome in upcoming post); we spent the rest of the time interviewing architects and running around with real-estate agents. While curving on the city’s elevated highways we made following mid-level metropolitan pictures. Do Highways Dream of Hyper-Cities? Continue reading “Shanghai | elevation”

Zibo | part IV

Zibo | September 7, 2009

During the third and last day of MovingCities’ recent trip to Zibo 淄博 we scanned a low-rise residential compound in the heart of the city (by walking) and the industrial Western areas, North-South axis and the railway station (by cab). Final Zibo 淄博 installment: housing, industry, infrastructure and football. Continue reading “Zibo | part IV”

Zibo | part III

Zibo | September 6, 2009

After moving around in elevators and by foot, we explored Zibo 淄博 by cab. First we went East. And that for a simple reason: from on top of the city we saw smokestacks and powerplants in the West, while Zibo’s Eastern horizon was dotted with construction cranes. Peri-urban pictures. Continue reading “Zibo | part III”

Zibo | part II

Zibo | September 6, 2009

How to explore the unknown? What to expect from a city that one only knows from growth figures and population projections? Spending the morning zigzagging Zibo 淄博, along large avenues, run-down blue facades and rooftops, MovingCities captured impressions from the unimaginable. Continue reading “Zibo | part II”

Zibo | part I

Zibo | September 6, 2009

During our first Zibo 淄博-scan we, naturally, roamed rooftops. First stop the Zibo Hotel, second the Fengjing Huatying Business Hotel. Our impressions? A sea of residential blocks, weird uncategorizable Chinese 1980s architecture, non-distinct towers flanking the city’s main axises and a horizon filled with smokestacks. All very very oldskool orthogonally organized, the Russian way. See Zibo from above. Continue reading “Zibo | part I”

Beijing >> Zibo

Beijing />> Zibo | Beijing South Railway Station | September 4, 2009″ src=”” /></p>
<p>We always had a strange fascination for Zibo. It has been on our radar since we found it positioned at the end of the alphabetical list of China’s cities with more than 1 million inhabitants. And because nobody seems to care about it. Due to a nice coincidence of interests we embarked last weekend on a four hour high-speed train trip to the south. Zibo <span style=淄博! Continue reading “Beijing >> Zibo”