Hutong Histories 2009 | part II

Area around Gulou Dajie subway station | August 4, 2009

In the second installment of our Hutong Histories 2009-series we look into the phenomenon of punctual preservation as put on the agenda by the Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (BJCHP) and show an update on the destruction of the area surrounding Gulou Dajie subway station. Continue reading “Hutong Histories 2009 | part II”

Hutong Histories 2009 | part I

Area around Gulou Dajie subway station | July 14, 2009

Last year we talked about “hutong hypochondria“, referring to people suffering from an excessive preoccupation with the city’s history and who usually becoming obsessed with little alleyways, with stones that are strangely mixed with cardboard and wood structure. This suffering was Olympic and today the proponents have left the scene and the debate. In the mean time, Beijing’s hutongs are still disappearing at rapid pace. And one wonders, where have the memory masochists gone to? Continue reading “Hutong Histories 2009 | part I”

Shenzhen >> Beijing

Land Reclamation for Shenzhen Airport New Terminal | July 8, 2009

While taking off from Shenzhen, heading towards Beijing, we enjoyed an excellent view over the ongoing expansion of Shenzhen Baoan International Airport. Already having spotted the massive land reclamation from the seaside, the newly built area will cover a total of 13.23 square kilometers and a future new airport designed by Fuksas Architects. Continue reading “Shenzhen >> Beijing”

Macau >> Shenzhen

Pearl River Delta | July 8, 2009

The last leg of our one week travel to Macau and Hong Kong, in function of the Urban Panorama Workshop, consisted of the crossing of the Macau and Zhuhai border, followed by a 3 hour drive to Shenzhen over the INFRARED© infrastructure of the Pearl River Delta (PRD). Continue reading “Macau >> Shenzhen”

Hong Kong snapshots | part II

View from the Star Ferry | Hong Kong, July 7, 2009

During the second day of our Hong Kong trip (check day one), we moved around on the island with the Hong Kong Tramways and away from it by Star Ferry. The first one is a system of narrow double-decker city trams that move along the low-levels of the north coast of Hong Kong Island, the second one the boats connecting Hong Kong Island with Tsim Sha Tsui on the Kowloon side. Continue reading “Hong Kong snapshots | part II”

Hong Kong snapshots | part I

View from The Belcher's | Hong Kong, July 6, 2009

Moving from one level to another, we discovered Hong Kong Island during our first day. Starting at “The Belcher’s“, a high-rise high-density residential development advertised as “a rare privilege for the precious few”, we wandered in-between the wobbling crowd, through a fine and colorful forest of slender skyscrapers. Continue reading “Hong Kong snapshots | part I”

Macau >> Hong Kong

Macau - Hong Kong | July 6, 2009

On Monday July 6, MovingCities moved from Macau to Hong Kong. As during our Shenzhen to Macau travel, we traveled by turbojet. A couple of snapshots while speeding through the mouth of the Pearl River Delta. After the skyline, the sea.
Continue reading “Macau >> Hong Kong”