SAKO Architects | publication

Keiichiro Sako, SAKO Architects | Beijing, February 2009

In Mark Magazine #20 (June-July 2009), Bert de Muynck | MovingCities published an interview with the Beijing-based Japanese architect Keiichiro Sako [Sako Architects] entitled “Mr. Blunt”. Full interview now online. Continue reading “SAKO Architects | publication”

China Summer Workshop | announcement

Beijing Second Ring Road | 2008

Upcoming Saturday July 18th MovingCities will hold a short presentation as part of the China Summer Workshop in Beijing. Taking place at the Abitare Courtyard, the meeting is organized by European Alternatives and supported by Abitare China and the China-Europa Forum. The 2-day workshop will be looking at the role of the intellectual and the artist in a European and Chinese context, with a focus on questions of nationalism, globalisation, and the meaning of public space and urban context. Continue reading “China Summer Workshop | announcement”

Urban Panorama | TIMC09!!! workshop, exhibit & party

THIS IS MY CITY 09 我的城市!!! banner | Albergue SCM patio  (source: +853)

After Friday’s city tour (part I & II), Saturday was the  TIMC09!!!-event second day devoted to the collaborative works on the Urban Panorama Workshop. After a full day of observation, a short day of interpretation and speculation. At the end of the day, a party at Macau’s Albergue showcasing artists from Hong Kong and Beijing. Continue reading “Urban Panorama | TIMC09!!! workshop, exhibit & party”

Urban Panorama Workshop | TIMC09!!! city tour (part II)

Urban Panorama Workshop | Macau, July 3, 2009

The afternoon chapter of Macau’s rooftop expedition (see morning tour) brought us to the rooftop of a residential building at Av. Ouvidor Arriaga, another one at Artur Tamagnini Barbosa and to the lounge bar ‘The View’. From the last one, located in The Sands complex at NAPE, one could see what happens when Alvaro Siza Vieira‘s 1983 Macau City Expansion Plan meets the generic demands of the city’s gaming industry. We concluded the day at Guia Hill, where astronomer Tânia Sales Marques gave a short presentation. Continue reading “Urban Panorama Workshop | TIMC09!!! city tour (part II)”

Urban Panorama Workshop | TIMC09!!! city tour (part I)

Urban Panorama Workshop | Macau, July 3, 2009

Last Friday, THIS IS MY CITY 09-event was launched with a full day field trip along a selection of scenic Macau’s skyline spots. The Urban Panorama Workshop, a collaboration between MovingCities and Nuno Soares, made possible by Cultural Association +853, explored Macau’s urban image by taking the rooftops as locales for observation and interpretation. Continue reading “Urban Panorama Workshop | TIMC09!!! city tour (part I)”

Beijing >> Shenzhen >> Macau

On Thursday July 2 MovingCities flew from Beijing to Shenzhen and went from there with the boat to Macau. An extensive series of snapshots and more aerophotography. All travels in function of the Macau Skyline Architectural Research-workshop. Continue reading “Beijing >> Shenzhen >> Macau”

THIS IS MY CITY 09!!! | live performances

This Saturday TIMC09!!! event at Macau’s Albergue will showcase artists from Hong Kong and Beijing. Audio visual artist Cédric Maridet presents ‘Filipina Heterotopia’, and later on the evening ‘Hou Mun AV’ show by Dead J & CXW will mix visuals and visions created during our Macau Skyline Architectural Research. Drop by! Continue reading “THIS IS MY CITY 09!!! | live performances”