Brussels snapshots | La Femme & Parking58

 View from Parking58 | May 5, 2009

After grinding the euro out Ground Euro, MovingCities went scanning the skyline from two of Brussels’ largest urban balconies, the RAC and PARKING58. The RAC (Rijks Administratief Centrum) was the location of Brussels’ most brutal buildings. Some video’s for disappearing buildings. Continue reading “Brussels snapshots | La Femme & Parking58”

Crossing | publication

Crossing exhibition | SOU FUJIMOTO ARCHITECTS

Bert de Muynck / MovingCities publishes ‘Crossing: Dialogues for Emergency Architecture‘ on the ArtForum Chinese website. The piece discusses the 16 proposals from Chinese and foreign architects shown at the earlier reported exhibition at the National Art Museum of China. Continue reading “Crossing | publication”

Brussels | Ground Euro & Operation Facelift

Ground Euro | May 5, 2009

The recent plans developed for Ground Euro painfully show the reality of the city of Brussels. On top of that, the infamous Capital of Europe was recently unmasked as the most boring city in Europe and a fire broke out in the Berlaymont building, the European Union commission’s headquarters. Between 2003 and 2006 MovingCities followed and participated in the discussion around the presence of the European Union in Brussels and recently went back to take a couple of snapshots and follow-up on the new facelift-strategy for the area. Continue reading “Brussels | Ground Euro & Operation Facelift”

Lisbon >> Brussels

On Tuesday May 4 MovingCities flew from Lisbon to Brussels. The conditions for aerophotography were perfect; a windowseat and a morning flight. Leaving under a bright blue and open sky we flew North, with a excellent view on the 17 km Vasco da Gama Bridge, and landed hours later in a characteristically cloudy Belgium.

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Fresh Portuguese Architects, Bloggers and Spatialites

Exercícios ginásticos de espaço | Os Espacialistas

During our stay in Lisbon we enountered occasionally and for several reasons Portuguese architects representing a new and diverse generation. They, to say the least, explore a wide range of spatial interventions, in the world and on the web. An introduction to the work of EMBAIXADA Arquitectura, Weltraum Architekten, Os Espacialistas, ateliermob, Sami Arquitectos and Pedro Gadanho. Continue reading “Fresh Portuguese Architects, Bloggers and Spatialites”

Lisbon snapshots | part V

Deserted shipyard along the Southern shore of the Lisbon Tagus estuary | May 1, 2009

Our final set of Lisbon snapshots deals with the second half of our May 1 Lisnave expedition. Continuing to explore the Southern shore of the Lisbon Tagus estuary, we ran into deserted shipyards and collapsed warehouses.

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Lisbon snapshots | part IV

Lisnave shipyard | May 1, 2009

After weeks of wandering aimlessly around in Lisbon, MovingCities met up on May 1 with the architects Paulo Goinhas & Cristina Mendonça [EMBAIXADA Arquitectura] and Simon Troufa Real. Our destination was the abandoned LISNAVE shipyard located in Almada, along the Southern border of Lisbon’s Tagus estuary.

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