> the guardian quotes Moving Cities on Beijing’s Dashilar

theguardian.com architecture & design blog by Oliver Wainwright > Designers use ‘urban acupuncture’ to revive Beijing’s historic hutongs  (Wednesday 2 October 2013)
Beijing Design Week sees architects launch ‘micro-interventions’ in one of the capital’s oldest neighbourhoods. But are their good intentions having the right effect? (…) 

“Bert de Muynck, a Belgian architect who has carried out extensive research on the Dashilar initiative with Mónica Carriço at the Moving Cities think-tank, has mixed feelings about the outcome so far. “It is a brave attempt to do something different after the failures of places like Qianmen,” he says. “People criticise those developments for creating twee stage-sets for tourists – but we have to be careful Dashilar is not just creating another kind of ‘authentic’ stage set for designers.”


Adi Purnomo | MARK magazine#44

Mark Magazine#44 | Adi Purnomo | MovingCities

MovingCities published in the June-July 2013 issue of Mark magazine #44 an interview with Indonesian architect Adi Purnomo. In 2009, when we reported on a house and studio that he had designed for a photographer and art collector in Jakarta, we talked about architecture without air conditioning as part of a strategy tailored to the demands of a tropical climate (Green and Tidy, Mark 21, page 154).
It’s a strategy that still forms his point of departure, but today he has other concerns as well. For starters, he wants to accelerate his output. Read the full interview. Continue reading “Adi Purnomo | MARK magazine#44”

Andra Matin | MARK magazine#44

Andra Matin Interview | Mark Magazine#44 | MovingCities

MovingCities published in the June-July 2013 issue of Mark magazine #44 an interview with leading Indonesian architect Andra Matin. He is a well-kept secret in the architecture world. A major force within contemporary Indonesian architecture, the soft-spoken man is recognized as the helmsman of a generation of independent architects, yet hardly anyone outside his native country knows his name. Locally celebrated but internationally undiscovered, Matin was one of the first Indonesian architects to establish an independent practice after the fall of Suharto in 1998. Read the full interview. Continue reading “Andra Matin | MARK magazine#44”

Eastern Promises | MAK Vienna

MAK Vienna | Eastern Promises - curated/designed by Andreas Fogarasi & Christian Teckert

Eastern Promises is an exhibition curated and designed by Andreas Fogarasi and Christian Teckert. On display at MAK Vienna untill October 6, 2013, the exhibition focuses on the promise of pioneering architecture in a selection of East Asian countries, including those by leading proponents of the contemporary Japanese scene and by independent Chinese offices. MovingCities contributed an essay to the EASTERN PROMISES. Contemporary Architecture and Spatial Practices in East Asia [HatjeCantz, 2013]-catalogue. Continue reading “Eastern Promises | MAK Vienna”

MARK Magazine#44 | Indonesian Architecture

Indonesia Special | MARK Magazine#44

Mark magazine #44 hit the shelves last month!
And it is a special one, providing an unique and timely insight in what is currently happening in the architectural scene in Indonesia. Two extensive portraits by Bert de Muynck | MovingCities reveal Andra Matin as ‘a well kept secret in the architecture world’ and looks at the work of Adi Purnomo of mamostudio who thinks it is vital for the development of good architecture for practices to ‘involve artisans and builders in their designs’.
Make sure to secure your copy – order it here. Continue reading “MARK Magazine#44 | Indonesian Architecture”

ATLAS – geography, architecture & change | book review

Atlas | Artifice, 2012

Atlas – Geography, Architecture, and Change in an Interdependent World’ was published by Artifice in 2012. Edited by Renata Tyszczuk, Joe Smith, Nigel Clark and Melissa Butcher, the publication aims to test novel ways of looking at globale envrionmental and economic change and presents itself as a collection of exploratory sketches of worlds that are currently in the making. With 45 varying (in length and scope) contributions, the books presents itself both as a new inventory and introduction to the practice of rethinking the global territory. A review. Continue reading “ATLAS – geography, architecture & change | book review”

> Eastern Promises publication features MovingCities essay

MAK Vienna Exhibition > Eastern Promises – Contemporary Architecture and Spatial Practices in East Asia  (June 5–October 6, 2013)
Forthcoming book Eastern Promises Published by: Hatje CantzEdited by: Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, Andreas Fogarasi, Christian Teckert. Essay contribution by Bert de Muynck & Mónica Carriço / MovingCities