Stockholm snapshots | part I

Slussen | Stockholm

Strolling through Stockholm on a Saturday morning. In a first series of snapshots MovingCities documents a walk from the South to the North of this archipelago city. Starting early morning in the deserted area around the Medborgarplatsen subway station we moved north to Slussen.
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Beijing >> Stockholm

Beijing | March 20, 2008

On Friday March 20, MovingCities left Beijing 北京 for Stockholm in order to participate in the City Move Interdesign Workshop. A couple of snapshots along the way. Continue reading “Beijing >> Stockholm”

City Move Interdesign workshop | announcement

City Move Interdesign Workshop

During the coming two weeks MovingCities will be participating in the City Move Interdesign workshop in Gällivare, Sweden. In a partnership with Icsid, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID) and the community of Gellivare, City Move Interdesign will be the main activity in a project about relocating people and societies. Continue reading “City Move Interdesign workshop | announcement”

Beijing snapshots | part II

Guanghualu SOHO | Søren Korsgaard & Qingyun Ma

Following up on the first part of our Beijing snapshots series, we look at the present state of the city’s Central Business District and zoom in on the Guanghualu SOHO-project. Initially said to be a collaboration between the Danish architect Søren Korsgaard and Chinese architect Qingyun Ma, the project was developed by the Beijing real-estate tycoons Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin, chief executives of SOHO China. Continue reading “Beijing snapshots | part II”

Beijing snapshots | part I

Beijing snapshots | Catching up with capturing Beijing’s urban development in a series of urban snapshots. Some of our recent drives and walks through the city brought us along Steven Holl Architects’ Linked Hybrid and Riken Yamamoto’s Jianwai Soho. Continue reading “Beijing snapshots | part I”

Lekker Design | publication

Lekker Design | Hebron House

Mark Magazine had in December/January 08/09 its 17th issue out. Bert de Muynck | MovingCities contributed to it with an article called “Anything That Is Good Is Called Lekker” (full version) about the young Singaporean based architectural practice Lekker Design.
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[bracket] ON FARMING | publication

[bracket] | [architecture, landscape, urbanism, environment, digital culture]


The outcome of the ‘LINE 13 SUPERLINEARITY‘ workshop, in collaboration with Adrian Blackwell [Beijing, May 2008] was selected for the first issue of [bracket] publication.
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