OBRA at work in China | publication

RED+CROSSING | NAMOC | OBRA Architects (2009)

Perspective magazine (Hong Kong) features in its February 2009 edition ‘OBRA at work in China’ – a text by Bert de Muynck | MovingCities. OBRA Architects, founded by Jennifer Lee and Pablo Castro in 2000, operates from New York. Throughout 2008 both Castro and Lee visited China four times, twice in the context of ORDOS100, once to present their ‘Beijing Tripod, Blank 2008’ installation in the Median Art Gallery and now with ‘RED+CROSSING’ in the context of the Crossing Now: Dialogues for Emergency Architecture-project, an exhibition organized by the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) and Beijingā€˜s Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA).
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Shanghai World Expo | French Pavilion presentation

French Pavilion | Shanghai 2010 World Expo

On February 20, the UCCA hosted the unveiling of the design of the French Pavilion for the Shanghai 2010 World Expo, which goes by the theme of “la ville sensuelle”. Designed by French architect Jacques Ferrier the idea of the pavilion is to be sensual and ecological at the same time. Continue reading “Shanghai World Expo | French Pavilion presentation”

Crimson New Town Research | Daxing field trip

Daxing District | Beijing

The last stop of the New Town-research, conducted by Crimson Architectural Historians, was the satellite town of Daxing – located twenty minutes driving south-west of the center of Beijing. Continue reading “Crimson New Town Research | Daxing field trip”

Crimson New Town Research | Baiwangzhuang field trip

Crimson Architectural Historians in Baiwangzhuang | Beijing

On Saturday February 14, MovingCities and Crimson Architectural Historians explored the current state of the Baiwangzhuang residential area in Beijing. Continue reading “Crimson New Town Research | Baiwangzhuang field trip”

Crimson New Town Research | Mentougou field trip

Crimson Architectural Historians in Mentougou | Beijing

On Friday February 13, MovingCities went on an embedded urban research trip with Crimson Architectural Historians. Throughout the past one and a half decade this Rotterdam based collective has developed an intriguing hybrid practice that takes the contemporary city as its object. Continue reading “Crimson New Town Research | Mentougou field trip”

Macau | urban snapshots IV

Rua da Felicidade or Happiness Street (once part of the red light district) | Macau, January 23
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Macau | urban snapshots III

Scanning the South of Macau by bus: driving via the Macau-Taipa bridge till Taipa, then crossing the Cotai-strip, to arrive at Coloane Village. And going back to Tap Seac Square, in Macau’s city centre. Continue reading “Macau | urban snapshots III”