Burn After Building | publication

TVCC | February 11, 2009

The morning after the blaze was about mourning the aftermath of the destruction. And two publications for the pyromaniacs amongst us (and there are a lot, that much we know). Both Abitare and ArtForum published a version of ‘Burn After Building’, the first one the raw version, the second one intelligently and graciously edited by Phil Tinari. Thank you both!
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TVCC after the Flames | Beijing

TVCC after the Flames | Beijing | February 10, 2009

Burn After Building. Due to a strange twist of fate and a couple of firecrackers, TVCC has moved out of the shadow of its big brother, CCTV. In the coming days, experts of all stamps will tell us why and how it all happened. In my understanding, TVCC was never a very lucky building. Adjacent to one of the world’s most ingenious and brutal buildings constructed in this era, it has always been overlooked, mocked, suspected of retardness and ugliness.
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Macau | urban snapshots II

Macau has a population density of approximately 18.811 persons per square kilometer, one of the highest densities in the world, where an estimate of 520,000 people share an area of 29.2 km². Continue reading “Macau | urban snapshots II”

Macau | urban snapshots I

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Beijing >> Shenzhen >> Macau

On Monday January 19, Mónica Carriço | MovingCities left for Macau. A flight from Beijing to Shenzhen, with a stop-over in Shanghai, was followed by a ferry trip. The journey, provided some opportunities for aerophotography of Shenzhen and capturing the mainland/Macau checkpoints along the way. A couple of snapshots from the first of a five day travel to Macau SAR {Aòmén 澳門/澳门}.

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Shanghai World Expo | urban snapshots

With less than 500 hundred days before opening, the 2010 World Expo site in Shanghai doesn’t feel like any other ordinary construction site in China; although a trained and experienced ‘construction tourist’ might sense a familiar pre-Beijing’08 Olympic odor filling the surrounding area. Exploring both expo areas along the banks of the HaungPu River, we ran into fences and walls, strolled over deserted plots of lands, climbed a small wall and faced the Chinese exhibition hall, still under construction. Continue reading “Shanghai World Expo | urban snapshots”

ORDOS100 | publication

PERSPECTIVE PLUS | 2009 Yearbook (click to see full cover)

Perspective Magazine (Hong Kong) recently published the 2009 edition of their annual architecture book, Perspective Plus. The yearbook features a report on the current architectural trends in Asia, a selection of 10 emblematic projects completed or started in the Asia-Pacific region in 2008 and a selection of around 40 projects currently at earlier stage of development and due to be completed between 2009 and 2014. Continue reading “ORDOS100 | publication”