Urban China #33 | Creative China

UC#33 Creative China | on the book shelves

Urban China#33 创意中国 | 城市中国 is out! The special ‘Creative China: Counter-Mapping the Creative Industries‘ issue was guest-edited by Mónica Carriço, Bert de Muynck and Ned Rossiter; and designed by Hendrik-Jan Grievink. Continue reading “Urban China #33 | Creative China”

Ningbo | urban snapshots

Tianyi City Plaza by MADA s.p.a.m. | Ningbo

Our last day in Ningbo, on December 29, we spend largely hopping from one hotel to another as we monitored the metropolis from on top of the Yongyao Hotel, the Fumao Hotel, the Ningbo World Hotel and a couple of others. As mentioned before, the Tianyi City Plaza by MADA s.p.a.m. forms the commercial heart of a city with a population of about 6 million. Continue reading “Ningbo | urban snapshots”

Best of 2008 | publication

Bert de Muynck | MovingCities publishes “Best of 2008” on the ArtForum Chinese website. Both an arbitrary, discussable and personal selection of what Chinese architecture brought the world during the Olympic year. Continue reading “Best of 2008 | publication”

Ningbo | architecture snapshots

Ningbo Contemporary Art Museum (2005) | Amateur Architecture Studio

After spending our morning in the Ningbo Historic Museum, we visited the Ningbo Contemporary Art Museum by Wang Shu 王澍 [Amateur Architecture Studio], the Waitan riverfront district and the Tianyi City Plaza. These last two large scale urban developments are designed by Ma Qingyun [MADA s.p.a.m.]. Continue reading “Ningbo | architecture snapshots”

Ningbo Historic Museum | Wang Shu

On Sunday December 28, MovingCities met up in Ningbo with architect Wang Shu 王澍 [Amateur Architecture Studio]. In preparation for an upcoming feature on some of his recently built projects, to be published in MARK Magazine, we visited the just completed Ningbo Historic Museum and interviewed Wang Shu while strolling through the building. Continue reading “Ningbo Historic Museum | Wang Shu”

Shanghai >> Ningbo

From Shanghai South Bus Station to Ningbo | December 27
Continue reading “Shanghai >> Ningbo”

Shanghai | urban snapshots III

On our third day in Shanghai we walked to the north-western corner of the Old French Concession. Moving from history to highrise, we suddenly found ourselves overlooking the city from on top of the City Hotel Shanghai and were confronted with a sprawling wall of skyscrapers featuring at its bottom a mish-mash of shops. Walking further in the direction Yan’an Xi Lu subway station, the metropolis started shifting once again its dimension.

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