Shanghai | urban snapshots II

December 25. On our second day in Shanghai we went exploring the western edge of the Old French Concession. Moving from inside Shanghai’s historical area we soon entered a territory of hypermalls, housing blocks and highways.

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Shanghai | urban snapshots I

Shanghai | December 24, 2008

On December 24, MovingCities landed in Shanghai. Less than 500 days prior to the opening of the 2010 World Expo, the city’s ambitions can be seen everywhere. The featured theme of the expo  ‘Better City – Better Life’  is today spread out seemingly evenly over the Shanghainese metropolitan territory. Continue reading “Shanghai | urban snapshots I”

Chengde >> Beijing

Mountain Resort | Chengde

Wednesday December 17. Last day of the Creative China, Harmonious World Forum. The morning consisted out of a visit to the Xumifushou Temple (Temple of Sumeru Happiness and Longevity) and the Mountain Resort, the afternoon of a four hour drive back to the capital.

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Chengde | urban snapshots II

Chengde | December 16, 2008

After our morning exploration of Chengde 承德, in the afternoon we strolled along the banks of the river into the Southern part of the city. Basically we encountered more of the same: office towers and housing blocks under construction and the destruction of the 1950s five story high housing blocks. From on top of Chengde Plaza we saw the city climbing up hill at one side, and following the river on the other. Continue reading “Chengde | urban snapshots II”

Creative China, Harmonious World | forum

'Creative China, Harmonious World' | Chengde, December 15

As part of the 3rd Creative China, Harmonious World International Forum on Cultural Industries (Chengde, December 14-17, 2008) MovingCities gave two presentations. The forum brought together domestic and foreign researchers, academics and policy makers in the field of the Cultural Industries. Last Monday, December 15, the morning consisted out of an opening ceremony followed by keynote speeches and comments of scholars and policy makers, such as Tu Mingde [Vice Chairman of Chinese Olympic Committee], Yang Muzhi 杨牧之 [President China Publishing Group], Dr. Michael Keane [Queensland University of Technology] and Simon Evans [Director Creative Clusters]. Continue reading “Creative China, Harmonious World | forum”

Chengde | urban snapshots I

Chengde | December 16, 2008

On Tuesday, December 16, MovingCities explored Chengde 承德, a relatively small Chinese city – today’s inhabitants round the 300.000, while the region has a population of nearly 4 million. Chengde [Hebei Province 河北承德] is most notorious for its  Mountain Resort, a vast imperial garden. Construction of the largest royal garden in China started at the beginning and finished at the end of the eighteenth century and was used by the emperors of the Qing Dynasty. We strolled through the city center, over the frozen Rehe river and along construction sites. Continuously fog floated over the city.

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Beijing >> Chengde

Driving into Chengde | December 14

On Sunday December 14, MovingCities left Beijing 北京 for a short trip to Chengde 承德 – located approximately 200 kilometers north of the capital. We are invited by the Research Center of Cultural Industries, Communication University of China, to participate in a forum during the the 3rd Creative China, Harmonious World International Forum on Cultural Industries in Chengde city, December 14-17, 2008.
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