Looping Line13 | snapshots

Line 13 Superlinearity Workshop | Segments key | May, 2008

On Tuesday, December 9, we continued on our scanning of the peri-urban urban condition around Beijing’s Line13. Accompanied by Dutch graphical designer Gabrielle Marks and Canadian architect/movie-maker Derrick Wang, we walked the area around Wangjingxi and from Beiyuan to Lishuiqiao subway station (segment 4). Continue reading “Looping Line13 | snapshots”

Mocking the Monument | CCTV snapshots

CCTV | Beijing, December 7, 2008

China is frenetically searching for a CCTV nickname. Mocking monuments, a form of architectural appropriation, is common to the Chinese construction culture, but the most recent invention – referring to CCTV as the “Big Underpants’ Building” – has caused a stir and a laugh on several websites. Other names in the running are Harmonious Gate, Happy Geometry, Peak of the Ages, New Angle, TV Magic Cube, TV Rubik’s Cube or Future Window. Continue reading “Mocking the Monument | CCTV snapshots”

Peter Rowe | interview part II

Central Academy of Fine Arts (Hangzhou) |  Image courtesy of Amateur Architecture Studio

Following up on part one of the interview with Professor Peter G. Rowe, the second half is directed towards understanding the mechanisms of the urban development that stem out of the Asian expanding metropolitan environment. Thereby questioning the notion of east-west and import-export relations in the field of architecture and urbanism, Peter Rowe reflects upon the urban development of Shanghai, emerging new forms of engagement amongst Chinese architects with the city, and the importance of “the temporal dimension” and how this would affect our practices. Continue reading “Peter Rowe | interview part II”

Peter Rowe | interview part I

Shanghai, November 2006

In his second dispatch, architect Dan Handel interviews Professor Peter G. Rowe.
By providing insight into his study of the contemporary city in the Asian context Professor Rowe reflects on today’s development of research, understanding, communication and analysis of the metropolitan environment. The interview took place in Professor Rowe’s office at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, on the 29th of October.

Continue reading “Peter Rowe | interview part I”

Urban China Magazine | Creative China #33

UC#33 | Creative China

During the past month MovingCities, Ned Rossiter and the Urban China team compiled, edited, discussed, translated and re-edited content and graphics for the 33rd issue of Urban China Magazine.

Entitled “Creative China – Counter-Mapping the Creative Industries”, this guest-edited publication is based on preliminary research during May-July 2007, when Ned Rossiter, Bert de Muynck and Mónica Carriço, coordinated the ‘Transdisciplinary Research on Creative Industries in Beijing – Mobile Research Laboratory’ (orgnets.net). Continue reading “Urban China Magazine | Creative China #33”

EWHA Campus Complex | publication

EWHA Campus Complex | Seoul, South Korea

Icon Magazine published in its August issue a review by Bert de Muynck | MovingCities on the EWHA Campus Complex (Seoul, South Korea), designed by Dominique Perrault Architecture. Icon Magazine just recently published this contribution online. Continue reading “EWHA Campus Complex | publication”

London | blue doughnuts

London, a city of 33 boroughs and 1 Boris. With a change in mayor, it seems a change of course for the city is at hand. Or not? Are we just heating up the “blue doughnut”?
Lev sharpens the discussion about the “best city in the world”, in his first dispatch.

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