ORDOS 100 | out of Ordos

Ordos 100 | Saturday & Sunday, June 28-29. The last days of the second phase of ORDOS100. Day 4 continued with the critiques of the 36 proposals that were previously presented. Day 5, Mr. Cai, the client, and FAKE Design offered the architects a late afternoon dinner, toasted around and wished them a good journey back home.
Followed a last tour through the ‘old Ordos’, taking a 38 kilometers drive to the new airport, while the sun was lightening up the green desert. Architects checked in and flew in two airplanes back to Beijing.

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ORDOS 100 | site visit

ORDOS100 site visit | SAMI talking with the developer Mr. Cai Jiang

Friday, June 27. Day 3 of phase II of ORDOS 100. The 36 architects that presented their proposals on the first day received their critiques. The others lounged in the hotel or went for a site visit. Mónica Carriço | MovingCities joined the desert trip visiting the site with Inês Vieira da Silva & Miguel Vieira | SAMI Arquitectos [Portugal]. Continue reading “ORDOS 100 | site visit”

ORDOS100 | presentation phase II

Thursday June 26. Day 2 of the second phase presentation of ORDOS100. Another 36 architects presenting another 36 villa’s. From 9 o’clock onwards the bombardment started, only to end 9 hours later. Continue reading “ORDOS100 | presentation phase II”

ORDOS100 | presentation phase II

Wednesday June 25. Day 1 of the second phase presentation of ORDOS100. 36 architects, 36 villa’s, 36 presentations, 36 thousand square meters of creative thinking. A bombardment of ideas on a plot somewhere in Inner-Mongolia. 9 hours of words and images. Interrupted by a lunch break.

In the center of the meeting room one finalized model, featuring the 100 proposals, around which the architects gathered. All architects and models meticulously being scanned by the jurors Ai Weiwei (FAKE design), Wang Shu (chief architect Amateur Architecture Studio) and Cui Kai (chief architect of China Architecture Design and Research Group). A snapshot impression. Continue reading “ORDOS100 | presentation phase II”

ORDOS100 | conclusion phase II

ORDOS100 concluded its third and last meeting. Between June 24 and June 29, the 72 international architecture offices of ORDOS100 phase II came back to Ordos, Inner Mongolia. movingcities attended this meeting, absorbing 72000 square meters of villa’s in five days, that is 600 square meters an hour. An impression of the opening evening.
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Mediocrity and the Metropolis | publication

JongArsitek Vol.4 | Architecture Magazine from Jakarta (click to download PDF)

Bert de Muynck | movingcities publishes “Mediocrity and the Metropolis” in JongArsitek. JongARSITEK! is a free architectural e-magazine made by some young Indonesian architects including Danny Wicaksono, whom we met in the context of ORDOS100.

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Making minced meat of memory | publication

Beijing, April 2008

Bert de Muynck | movingcities publishes “Making minced meat of memory” in the MUDOT Magazine. In a series of projects dealing with ‘hutong hallucinations’ the author mixes Beijing, Rem Koolhaas, Michel Houellebecq, Ou Ning, Friedrich Nietzsche, Ai Weiwei, Simone de Beauvoir and many others into the debate on Beijing’s preservation. Prince Charles, unfortunately, launched his call to ‘save the hutongs’ too late to meet the deadline of the essay.

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