Shanghai State of Affairs | Neri & Hu [NHDRO]

Waterhouse Boutique Hotel by NHDRO | 2010

The third installment of the 2012/13 “Shanghai State of Affairs” lecture series by Bert de Muynck at the HKU Shanghai Study Center is centered around ‘Updating & Rethinking Shanghai’s Design & Architecture’. Invited speaker this Saturday is Lyndon Neri [Founding Partner NHDRO] who will talk about the experience of practicing, over a decade, from and in Shanghai 上海.
Presentation and debate will take place this Saturday March 9 – from 10.30 am till 12.30 pm – at the HKU Shanghai Study Center. Continue reading “Shanghai State of Affairs | Neri & Hu [NHDRO]”

Chongqing | Huangjueping Graffiti Street

Huangjueping in Chongqing's Jiulongpo District | January 18, 2013

Huangjueping Graffiti Street 黄桷坪涂鸦街 is said to be the largest graffiti art region in China and the world. While in Chongqing 重庆, MovingCities visited the area home to a number of galleries, studios, and art schools – most notably, the 501 Art Warehouse and Organhaus Art Space and the old campus of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute [SCFAI 四川美术学院]. Continue reading “Chongqing | Huangjueping Graffiti Street”

Chongqing | topography & territory

Chongqing 重庆 | January 17, 2013

Last week, MovingCities visited Chongqing 重庆. Located in the South-West of China and at the confluence of the Jialing River 嘉陵江 and Yangtze River 扬子江, this metropolis is one of the PRC’s four direct-controlled municipalities [the other three are Beijing 北京, Shanghai 上海 and Tianjin 天津]. Chongqing is know for a variety of reasons, one for its nearly 30 million inhabitants, another, maybe less known, that it has Asia’s longest escalator [112 meter].
In our first set of pictures we look at the city’s topography. Continue reading “Chongqing | topography & territory”

Shanghai | life on Jiangxi North Road

JiangXi North Road | Shanghai, January 13, 2012

The Embankment building 河滨大楼 [see our June 2012 + May 2011 coverage] is located in-between Henan Road Bridge 河南路桥 & JiangXi North Road 江西北路 [Hongkou District 虹口区]. Just behind this edifice is a large sprawling shopping area, which we started to call ‘Little Beijing‘. Recently MovingCities walked around this small pocket of urban informality and photographed the faces of JiangXi North Road 江西北路. Continue reading “Shanghai | life on Jiangxi North Road”

Shanghai >> Shenzhen | from pigeon to airplane

Shanghai - Shenzhen | December 7, 2012

Last month, MovingCities flew from Shanghai 上海 to Shenzhen 深圳.
In the past years, we landed in Shenzhen 深圳 from many different directions. This time around we descended along the city’s most densified urban areas and used this opportunity to discuss the relation between aerophotography and the work German apothecary Julius Neubronner [1852-1932]. Or how aerophotography moved from pigeon photography to the cabin cruising.
But the ambition is the same, to develop a “Method of and Means for Taking Photographs of Landscapes from Above.Continue reading “Shanghai >> Shenzhen | from pigeon to airplane”

Cities Without Ground | book review

Cities Without Ground | ORO Editions, 2012

Recently MovingCities received Cities Without Ground [April 2012, ORO Editions], a publication by Adam Frampton, Jonathan Solomon and Clara Wong. The subject is the city of Hong Kong 香港 and the publication is – as the subtitle suggests – more a Hong Kong guidebook than a pamphlet, manifesto or analysis of a larger urban trend. A book review. Continue reading “Cities Without Ground | book review”

MovingCities 2012 | an overview

Shanghai | January 1, 2013

2012 was a good year for MovingCities. With 2013 barely started, we composed a non-lineair overview of the past year. The selection is based on content, correspondences and aspects of continuity across various projects, publications and places. While our Portuguese posts on Peter Zumthor and Álvaro Siza Vieira keep on generating traffic, with 2012 Pritzker Prize winner Wang Shu we found a close runner-up. But we’re also pleased that our, incognito, Koolhaas-Simpsons scoop made it to the sixths place on Archinect’s Top 12 News Posts of 2012. MovingCities in 2012 was about cities, architecture and the creative industries in China. A selected flashback. Continue reading “MovingCities 2012 | an overview”