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ADAPTATION 应变-architecture and change in China 中国的建筑和变化 | exhibition | Venice _June-November

ADAPTATION 应变 - architecture and change in China 中国的建筑和变化 is an exhibition featuring recently completed projects, some even under construction [others on research-phase] – by 11 Chinese architectural practices – through the media of photography, architectural models, sketches, design objects, reels and newly commissioned audio-visuals.
A Collateral Event of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, curators Marino Folin & MovingCities created ADAPTATION 应变 - architecture and change in China 中国的建筑和变化 as a unique exhibition, providing a critical and timely insight and perspective on the changing understanding of contemporary Chinese architecture and its independent professionals.
The exhibition takes place at Palazzo Zen 禅宫, a cultural venue of EMGdotART Foundation, newly renovated by Chinese architectural studio O-OFFICE 源计划 工作室. EMG set up EMGdotART Foundation [in 2012] – the first art and culture foundation established by a Chinese enterprise, to have a permanent gallery and headquarters in the heart of Venice, Italy.


Urban Flux #34 | INDONESIA Architecture | editorial | Beijing _October-December

Published in December 2013, MovingCities guest-edited a special bilingual [Chinese/English] 90-page issue of the Chinese architecture magazine Urban Flux 城市空间 设计 [vol 34 /2013-6] entitled “INDONESIAN ARCHITECTURE: TROPICAL AND EMERGING新兴崛起的印度尼西亚热带建筑. With this special report MovingCities, along with Indonesian architect Danny Wicaksono, gives a comprehensive overview of contemporary Indonesian architectural practices and insight into contemporary tropical architectural design.
See Table of Contents & Colophon or read MovingCities Preface.

ABITARE China #34 HUTONG /Adaptation | editorial | Beijing _June-September

ABITARE China magazine [Rizzoli Group, Beijing], invited MovingCities to guest-edit a 100-page bilingual [CN/EN] Summer issue on the topic of (re)Design Heritage – Strategies of Urban Renewal and the Chinese City.
Taking the opportunity to address urgent issues dealing with the urban, architectural, cultural and socioeconomic development of the city of Beijing 北京 – specifically on heritage, preservation, adaptive strategies and the hutong 胡同 – hence HUTONG /Adaptation became its unifying theme. [Table of Contents, Colophon and Preface]

DEFAULT 13: Art, Cities & Regeneration | workshop | Lecce, IT _September 17-26

Project-page under construction >> MovingCities gave a two-day workshop, part of DEFAULT 13 Masterclass in residence, in Lecce [Regione Puglia, Italy]. DEFAULT is presented by RAMDOM Association in collaboration with Arthub Asia.

TRY! Training Regeneration Youth | Workshop | Bari, Italy _September 16

MovingCities was invited by Regione Puglia & ARTI [Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation] to conduct a one-day workshop in Barivecchia (Old Bari, Italy). Under the program “TRY! – Training Regeneration Youth” part of “YOUTH ADRINET” -project, a group of 17 young participants attended this one-day workshop around the theme of art, urbanism and regeneration.

MARK Magazine#44 | Indonesian Architecture | Indonesia/NL _June-July

Mark magazine #44 [June-July 2013] featured a an unique and timely insight in what is currently happening in the architectural scene in Indonesia. Two extensive portraits by MovingCities reveal Andra Matin [full interview] as ‘a well kept secret in the architecture world’ and looks at the work of Adi Purnomo [full interview] of mamostudio who thinks it is vital for the development of good architecture for practices to ‘involve artisans and builders in their designs’.

Eastern Promises | MAK Vienna | Vienna, Austria _June

Eastern Promises is an exhibition curated and designed by Andreas Fogarasi and Christian Teckert. On display at MAK Vienna until October 6, 2013, the exhibition focuses on the promise of pioneering architecture in a selection of East Asian countries, including those by leading proponents of the contemporary Japanese scene and by independent Chinese offices. MovingCities contributed an essay to the EASTERN PROMISES Contemporary Architecture and Spatial Practices in East Asia-catalogue [HatjeCantz, 2013], highlighting and contextualizing the work of several Chinese independent architectural practices.


EARS on Shanghai | Roundtable | Shanghai _November 2

MovingCities organized a panel discussion – part of EARS on Shanghai [Europe-Asia Roundtable Sessions] – on the architectural design of theatre spaces in China called ‘EARS on Venue Architecture & Design‘. The presentations – by PES architects, gmp Architekten, Eva Wang Studio & NorthernLight – took place at Shanghai’s Zhabei District Daning Theatre 大宁剧院 上海市闸北区. [+ video update]

Making Creative City | Workshop | Shenzhen _August 31 – September 1

MovingCities was invited to Shenzhen 深圳 to lecture at and participate in a two-day workshop called The Making of a Creative City – International Workshop on post‐industrial development of Shenzhen’. The workshop was organized by URB (Urbanus Research Bureau 都市实践研究部) – the research department of URBANUS Architecture & Design 都市实践.

Indonesia Investigation | Jakarta, Bogor, Yogyakarta _July 31 – August 13

MovingCities was invited by Andra Matin to Jakarta to attend the opening of the Andra Matin: Sebuah Sekuel exhibition, followed by an investigatory trip to Yogyakarta [see Nasirun private gallery by Eko Prawoto] and Bogor [see House in Bogor by Adi Purnomo].

Design & Fashion in China Mappings | DutchDFA | China _July

Commissioned by the Dutch Design Fashion and Architecture [DutchDFA], MovingCities conducted research on fashion and design subjects, tendencies, media and networks in China – influencing today’s and tomorrow’s agenda for internationalization. Design and Fashion in China Mappings is a double consultancy report based on interviews held in 2011 [in Beijing 北京, Shanghai 上海, Shenzhen 深圳 and Guangzhou 广州] with 30+ acclaimed Chinese designers and scholars, and with 15 leading Chinese fashion designers – as well as on additional desk research. Both design & fashion reports were published in July 2012 and are freely available for download. See Design in China Mapping and Fashion in China Mapping.

6 lectures on Regionalism | CAA | Hangzhou  _April

Bert de Muynck/MovingCities was invited to lecture on the past, present and future of regionalism – at the School of Architecture,  China Academy of Art 中国美术学院建筑艺术学院 in Hangzhou 杭州. Check 6 lectures on Regionalism [lecture 1 + 2], Reframing Regionalism [lecture 3 + 4] and Final Thesis Studio Review [May 21-22].

School+ WORKSHOP | Finland-Beijing | Beijing _March 23-25

MovingCities, together with Newly Drawn [画卷初成] and World Architecture Magazine [世界建筑] organizes a three-day School+ WORKSHOP & symposium. Hosted by the School of Architecture – Tsinghua University [清华大学建筑学院], the workshop is part of the 2012 EU-China Year of Intercultural Dialogue. The School+ WORKSHOP consisted of a one-day field trip and seminar, followed by a two-day workshop bringing together young Chinese and Finnish architectural practices, along with teachers and students from Tsinghua’s School of Architecture – around the topic of educational design.


Finland-Shenzhen Architecture Tour | Shenzhen PRD _December 6-8

During the opening week of the 2011 Shenzhen Biennale, MovingCities co-organized a two-day Finland-Shenzhen Architecture Tour program. Tailor-made for a delegation of 15 practitioners/architects/curators, landscape-designers and design managers from Finland, the Shenzhen program consisted of a two-days meet-and-greet [with local architects, design institutes and real-estate developers]. A program made possible by Newly Drawn, MovingCities, Museum of Finnish Architecture, World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 and Design Forum Finland.

Copy/Culture Symposium | Beijing _September 27

The Copy/Culture© Symposium Beijing, presented by Premsela & DMY International Design Festival Berlin, examines the implications of copying, open source and sampling on the design trade and profession. Guests included Bert de Muynck / MovingCities.

Indonesia Investigation | Jakarta, Bogor, Yogyakarta _June 22 – July 12

MovingCities was invited by jongArsitek! to lecture at the opening of the Rumah Rumah Tanpa Pintu exhibition, followed by an investigatory trip with Danny Wicaksono [Studio Dasar & founder of jongArsitek!] and GRAVITY network to Jakarta, Surabaya and Solo.

NAi MatchMaking | NL-CN Housing workshop | Hangzhou _April 24-25-26

Organised by the Netherlands Architecture Institute [NAi], as part of their international MatchMaking program, this three day workshop brings together Dutch and Chinese architects in order to explore common grounds and differences between Chinese and Dutch design on social/low-cost/low-rent/affordable housing in China. MovingCities co-organizes and produces the workshop.

DutchDFA Mapping Report on Chinese Design & Fashion | China _January – May (research)

Commissioned by the Dutch Design Fashion and Architecture [DutchDFA], MovingCities is conducting research on fashion and design subjects, tendencies, media and networks in China that influences today’s and tomorrow’s agenda for internationalization. The final outcome will be a consultancy report for the DutchDFA and partners.


DOMUS Architecture Guide Beijing & Shanghai | Beijing _July – December

DOMUS contacted MovingCities with the request to select, photograph and localize in Beijing 北京 and Shanghai 上海 40 architectural projects for an IT application specially intended for i-phone© and ipad© products. The app [$4.99 $0.99, in English and Italian] is now out! [check Shanghai Preview and Beijing Preview]

NAi MatchMaking | NL-China program | China _April /June – September/December

MovingCities is setting up the China-program for the Netherlands Architecture Institute [NAi]. The program is part of the new international agenda of the NAi and has the ambition to instigate collaborations between Dutch and Chinese architects. As part of the program, in September 2010 a select group of Chinese architects was invited for a study trip to the Netherlands. Day 1 [Rotterdam], Day 2 [Amsterdam] and Day 3 [Enschede]]. In December 2010 “Architecture of Consequence | lecture & debate” was organized in Studio-X Beijing.

Design for Daily Life | NL-CN seminar | Shanghai _September 17

The “Design Dialogue: Design for Daily Life” at the Dutch Design Workspace consists out of three sessions of two short presentations, one by a Dutch, one by a Chinese designer, each time followed by a discussion. The seminar is set-up as a “research by debate” session questioning what comprises quality of life, today and in the future. MovingCities co-orgazines the seminar.

SNOWBALL Architecture | FI-CN seminar | Shanghai _March 25-26-27

Organised by the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA), as part of Finland’s cultural programme for World Expo 2010 Shanghai China, the event consists of a two-day seminar exploring common grounds and differences between Finnish and Chinese architects, a networking program and a one-day excursion. MovingCities co-orgazines the seminar.


Dutch Embassy Beijing | China Architecture & Creative Industries Mapping Report | Beijing _ September 

Commissioned by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to China (Beijing), MovingCities made and “EXACT SUMMARY OF THE CULTURAL MAPPING REPORTS: BEIJING, SHANGHAI & GUANGZHOU(pdf alert!) for the disciplines Design & Architecture. The report highlights research into China Contemporary, China Creative & Cultural Industries, Evolution & Trends, Market Opportunities, Dutch Designers & Architects in China, Intellectual Property Rights, Education, Awards, etc… The China reports are freely available online: Creative Industries & Architecture.

Hutong Histories & Building Beijing | Beijing _August

In August, MovingCities published a trilogy, Hutong Histories, and a quadrilogy, Building Beijing, on the state of affairs in China’s capital. At the one hand a look at the destruction of the area surrounding Gulou Dajie subway station, the notion of punctual preservation and hutong hypes, at the other hand trying to understand how Haussman is haunting Beijing, how the city is becoming a linked hybrid and how to make sense of its skyline. Hutong Histories 1, 2 and 3. Building Beijing 1, 2, 3 and 4.

URBAN PANORAMA workshop | Macau/Macao SAR _July

Between July 3 and 5, MovingCities was invited by the Cultural Association +853 (Macau) to coordinate the URBAN PANORAMA workshop as part of the This Is My City (TIMC)-event. In collaboration with architect Nuno Soares, the URBAN PANORAMA explores Macau’s urban landscape by investigating the relation between the cultural/media imaginaries and the concrete conditions of the everyday. In order to do so we conducted a Skyline Architectural Research-project hopping from rooftop to rooftop, scanning Macau’s skyline.

LINE 13 Redux Workshop | Beijing _May 25-26

MovingCities was invited by Shannon Bassett, Assistant Professor at School of Architecture and Community Design | University of South Florida, Tampa, to give a short design workshop. After dealing in 2008 in the ‘Line13 Superlinearity‘-workshop with the Northern section of Beijing’s elevated subway line, ‘Line13 Redux‘ focused on the intersection of the Badaling Expressway and Line13 as the locale for research and intervention.

City Move Interdesign Workshop | Sweden _March-April

MovingCities participated in the City Move Interdesign workshop in Gällivare, Sweden. In a partnership with Icsid, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID) and the community of Gällivare, the workshop dealt with the issue of relocating people and societies. The workshop investigated socially responsible design methods to create new spaces for people and is part of the Icsid Interdesign workshop series.

Crimson NewTown research | Beijing _February

After the second world war a large family of New Towns was built all over the globe. The towns were planned from scratch, based on the combined ideologies of the Garden City, CIAM-modernism and the neighbourhood principle. From Western Europe to Asia, from Africa to the former communist countries, the original universal model of the New Town was adapted to local cultures, economics and politics. [see Embedded]

Urban China #33 | Counter-Mapping Creative Industries | Beijing _January

This issue of Urban China Magazine sets out to critique and redefine the idea and practice of ‘mapping’ the creative industries. Foregrounding the experimental process of collaborative constitution, we are interested in the multiple idioms of expression that make creative industries intelligible beyond the blandness of policy discourse.


Jakarta, IAI Awards jury & research | Jakarta, Indonesia _October

Bert de Muynck | MovingCities was invited by the Indonesian Institute of Architects (IAI) to be part of the jury for the IAI Awards 2008. In between visiting the entries, two lectures were given and an initial urban research set-up. [see Conferences & Lectures]

Take-Away China research | Belgium _Summer

Visual mapping project dealing with the Chinese presence in the Flemish Region, Belgium. Ought to be developed throughout 2008. Meanwhile, Urban China Magazine published “Take-Away China“-article by Bert de Muynck in its ChinaTown-issue. Read the full text.

Line 13 Superlinearity workshop | Beijing _May

Between May 27 and 31, MovingCities conducted together with Adrian Blackwell – Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design | University of Toronto – a design workshop in Beijing. Together with Xu Jian [Professor of Art History, Sichuan Polytechnic University], we looked closer, through a series of field-trips and programmatic interventions, into Beijing’s peri-urban condition along the Northern section of Line13. | Beijing, China [May 2008]

City/State workshop | Israel _February

The City/State Unit at the Architecture Department of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design [in Jerusalem] invited MovingCities to hold a one week workshop. Entitled ‘What can we learn from China?‘, the workshop explored the mechanisms driving the development of the Chinese city and projected and adapted these to the Israeli urban context | Jerusalem, Israel [February 2008]


Urban(s)Talking | 2007~ongoing (on/off)

In 2004 hutong tours for visitors to China contributed four million yuan (€400,000) to the nation’s coffers. This will double in the coming years. The new urban explorers no longer hang out in hutongs, however. Their latest hot spot is Line 13, a 40.85-km-long light-rail line that connects the northeast and northwest corners of the second ring road and kisses the sixth ring road in the north. I suggested to the Olympic Committee that the marathon be organized beneath this line. I never got a reply. Well, forget about the hutongs and the pedi-cabs. Line 13 is the place to be. It lets passengers view over an hour of urban development for less than 3 yuan (€0.30). Read full version of A Letter from Beijing (Bert de Muynck, Mark Magazine #09) or visit our MovingCities Interviews-section

Transdisciplinary Research on Creative Industries in Beijing | Beijing _May – July 

This Mobile Research Laboratory [trans-cib or bei-ci]-project brings international and Chinese academics together with urban research organisations, artists, curators, media producers and policy-makers in order to undertake transdisciplinary research on Beijing’s creative industries. Through collaborative practices of self-organization, one of the primary aims is to create a ‘counter-mapping’ of creative industries in Beijing. | Beijing, China [2007]

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