《ABITARE 住》#34 HUTONG 胡同 | Guest-edited by MovingCities, 2013

Beijing HUTONG

ABITARE China magazine #34 | ‘HUTONG/adaptation’
guest-edited by MovingCities [June _September 2013]

Between June and September 2013, MovingCities guest-edited Abitare China’s 34th issue, dealing with the (preservation of the) city of Beijing 北京 and more specifically focussing on the theme of ‘hutong/adaptation’.

Commissioned by ABITARE China [Rizzoli Group, Beijing], this special Summer Issue #34, customarily rooted in the exploration of selected themes around specific ‘key words’, has taken [hutong] as springboard for an investigation into Beijing’s historical urban tissue, its past, present and preservation. As part of BeijingDesignWeek 2013, the magazine launch and presentation was held at the Factory’s Auditorium in Beijing Dashilar neighborhood.

Detailed content of the magazine below. Also see HUTONG/Adaptation Table of Contents, read our Preface, or order from the 《Abitare住》#34: -website.

Under the keyword HUTONG, MovingCities presents a volatile architectural, urban and cultural condition, concerning the transformation of a local Beijing spatial culture. Let us call this HUTONG/adaptation; so to encompass the multitude of strategies, visions and reflections flourishing in this urban tissue. Beyond the demand or desire for preservation, ideas and visions of renovation, revitalization, occupation, relocation, legislation, urbanization and gentrification are explored. The content is organized in three complementary sections, identifying locations and actors influencing the perception and planning of these urban areas. Firstly, by looking back – REWIND – to reflect and remember; secondly, investigating and touching upon the present – NOW – so as to feel a possible future, and finally – DASHILAR – a complex neighborhood case study.

在“胡同”这个关键词的引导下,MovingCities展示出了一个多变的北京和其中的文化现状,关注到北京空间文化的转变。我们把这个叫做 “胡同社区共生”,包罗各个层面的策略、远景和对繁荣发展的北京的深度思考。除了保护北京的需求和渴望以外,《Abitare住》还探究了改造、复兴、占用、回迁、立法、城市化和贵族化等理念和视角。分别用三个章节来说明,把对影响认知、产生影响的部分街区参与者和特定的城区的改造方案联系起来。首先,通过“回顾”来说明情况并加深记忆;其次,调研和了解“现状”,感知未来的发展可能;最后,用人口密集和复杂的街区——“大栅栏”,作为案例进行分析。

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《Abitare住》HUTONG /Adaptation 胡同社区共生

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《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | PEOPLE 目录 writers/contributors
MovingCities (Bert de Muynck & Mónica Carriço 伯德孟 莫妮卡·卡瑞苏); Wang Jun 王军; MichaelMeyer 迈克尔·麦尔; Tibet Heritage Fund (THF) / Hirako Yutaka 平子丰; Laura Trombetta Panigadi 劳拉; Matthew Hu 胡新宇; Hua Xinmin 华新民; Chao Yan 晁艳; Zhang Jinqi 张金起; [META: HUTONGS] [超胡同] (Wang Shuo 王硕 & Andrew Bryant); Liang Jingyu 梁井宇/approach architecture studio 场域建筑 ; Kenya Hara 原研哉 /NDC.

[featuring interviews, texts, projects, illustration & photography … by/with]
Anu Leinonen; Vega Wang 王在实; Thomas Sauvin; Jérémie Descamps; Rania Ho & Wang Wei 何颖宜 和 王卫 / Arrow Factory 箭厂空间; Markus M Schneider & Wu Fei 吴飞 / The Other Place; Wang Lian 王莲 & Lin Shu 林舒; ZhangZi’an 张子安 /Baodu Zhang restaurant 爆肚张; Duan Zhao 段昭 /H Cafe 红叶拾楠咖啡; Prof. Zhang Jie 张杰 /School of Architecture of Tsinghua University 清华大学建筑学院教授; Wang Youyin 王优银 / Beijing Shengyun Law Firm 北京圣运律师事务所; Dai Yue 黛悦 /Representative of a local government 政府公职人员; Sun Peng 孙鹏; Lulu Le Li 李乐; Juan van Wassenhove 温守诺 / The Temple; Zai Zao Studio 在造工作室 (Zhang Bo & Zhang Qingfan 张波 和 张清帆); David Yin 尹大为 /King’s Joy Vegetarian Restaurant 京兆尹素食餐厅老板; Dashilar Project – Beijing Guang’An Holdings & Beijing Dashilar Investment Limited 北京广安控股有限公司及旗下的北京大栅栏投资有限责任公司Jia Rong 贾蓉 (Associate General Manger 副总经理), Jiang Cen 姜岑 (Commercial Planning 策划), Neill Mclean Gaddes, Sun Siwei 孙思维. ZhangGuoqing 张国庆 (Tianpai Shoe Art Sudio 天派鞋艺工作室); Cui Yong 崔勇 (Zhengyang Bookstore 正阳书局); Michelle Garnaut (Captial M 前门M餐厅); Aric Chen 陈伯康 (Creative Director of Beijing Design Week 2011 & 2012 2011和2012年北京国际设计周的创意总监); Beatrice Leanza 毕月 (Creative Director of Beijing Design Week 2013. 担任2013年北京国际设计周创意总监). Clémence Pybaro & ThomasBatzenschlager; Yves Chan You 陈启智; Thomas H. Hahn. >> see 《ABITARE 住》MovingCities Table of Contents (TOC)

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《ABITARE 住》Hutong 胡同 | REWIND 老城回溯

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | Michael Meyer's The Last Days of Old Beijing

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | THF on Beijing Hutong Conservation Study

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | Beijing's pailou

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | Dialogue with Professionals: Hua Xinmin

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《ABITARE 住》Hutong 胡同 | NOW 当下与未来

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | Hutong Adapatation - Essay by MovingCities

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | Beijing's CHP \ 'Anatomy of a Chinese City'

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | Neighborhood Talks with 10 Beijinger's

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | META-HUTONGS by Wang Shuo & Andrew Bryant

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | Dialogues with Professionals: Prof. Zhang Jie

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | Gulou & Building New Lives by Sun Peng

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | Hutong Architecture School by Lulu Le Li

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | The Temple

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | King's Joy

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | Hutong Readings

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《ABITARE 住》Hutong | DASHILAR 大栅栏


《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | Dashilar & Dashilar Project [former Dashila(b)]

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | Interview with Liang Jingyu/approach architecture studio [Dashila(b) founder]

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | Dashilar Project overview

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | Dialogues with Business Owners [Zhengyang]

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | Dashilar & BJDW [by Aric Chen, BJDW2011-2012]

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | Dashilar & BJDW [by Beatrice Leanza, BJDW2013]

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | Dashilar Visual Identity by Kenya Hara / NDC

《ABITARE 住》HUTONG 胡同 | Dashilar Visual Identity by Kenya Hara / NDC

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HUTONG/Adaptation 胡同社区共生

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about ABITARE China 《住Abitare》杂志

ABITARE seeks for cutting edge design, architecture and art project, all seen from a new perspective. Based on the 50-year-old classic magazine Abitare specializing in culture and architecture, ABITAREChina always follows a characteristic, literary writing style, and covers in depth events and stories about architecture, design, culture and people in a lively and interesting way. Abitare China a cross-media communication endorsed by Rizzoli Beijing in 2008, the main goal of which is to promote design culture and bring design to everyday life. 


about MovingCities

MovingCities is a Shanghai-based think-tank investigating the role of architecture and urbanism in shaping the contemporary city. Established in 2007 by Bert de Muynck [BE] and Mónica Carriço [PT], MovingCities publishes, collaborates talks and walks, and operate as embedded architects. During the past years MovingCities has conducted research, lectures, creative consultancy and workshops in China, Israel, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Indonesia and Italy. 

MovingCities智库以上海为发展基地,长期致力于研究建筑和城市化进程在塑造都市当代性过程中的种种影响和作用,其研究范围覆盖全球。自2007年德孟 [Bert de Muynck,比利时]与妮卡·卡瑞苏 [Mónica Carriço,葡萄牙] 创立MovingCities以来,MovingCities广泛涉足课题研究成果出版、国际多变合作、高峰论坛研讨以及专题导览等项目。过去7年中,MovingCities在中国为数家欧洲建筑、文化和政府性机构提供建筑和都市化领域的项目咨询、策划以及组织服务。MovingCities已经在中国、以色列、瑞典、荷兰、芬兰、意大利和印度尼西亚等国开展了各种专题研究、学术演讲、文化创意产业咨询和研讨会。

Acknowledgment 感谢

MovingCities wishes to thank the many individuals who contributed their valuable time and expertise through the interviews, texts, photography and projects that form the foundation of this issue.



For further inquiries, updates, background, interviews and lectures related to
ABITARE China #34 Hutong/Adaptation contact MovingCitiesinfo [at] movingcities [dot] org

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