《ABITARE 住》'Hutong/adaptation' | Guest-edited by MovingCities

《ABITARE 住》 TALK @ Dashilar Factory | BJDW 2013

The special issue of ABITARE China magazine –  HUTONG /Adaptation, guest-edited by MovingCities  – was launched on Saturday September 28th, at Dashilar Factory’s Auditorium [No. 8. Dawailangying Hutong, Dashilar 大栅栏]. Part of  Beijing Design Week 2013 series of events, MovingCities presented the magazine, its contents and the idea behind the keyword ‘HUTONG’ /Adaptation.

We cordially invite you to attend our special events, on the occasion of Beijing Design Week 2013. All events are presented on the occasion of ABITARE China magazine summer issue which, customarily rooted in the exploration of selected themes around specific ‘key words’, has taken {hutong} as springboard for an investigation of Beijing’s historical urban tissue, its past, present and preservation (Guest edited by MovingCities).
2013北京国际设计周日程 (pdf) [活动时间表] 设计之旅 [时间] 9.28 14:00-16:00
[活动 ] 特别活动:移动城市胡同居住问题 [地点] 大栅栏

HUTONG ADAPTATION, an overview of Beijing’s preservation agenda

Special guests included architect Liang Jingyu 梁井宇/approach architecture studio 场域建筑 (whom, until recently, advised and consulted on the new development of Dashilar – as part of the Dashila(b) project – recently restructured/renamed Dashilar Project) and Andrew Bryant co-founder of [META: HUTONGS 超胡同]. Between presentations and following dialog, the video Building New Lives 古城新生’  – a China Daily Multimedia production – by Sun Peng 孙鹏 – was screened at Dashilar Factory’s Auditorium.

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MovingCities presents 《ABITARE 住》#34 HUTONG @ Dashilar Factory | BJDW 2013

Pictures by movingcities.org


《ABITARE 住》at Beijing Design Week 2013 | HUTONG


《ABITARE 住》 TALK |Beijing Design Week: Design HOP@UCCA

The presentation of ABITARE China special issue, at Dashilar, was part of a series of talks related to BJDW 2013. Under the umbrella title of “Hutong Anatomy: Preservation, Friend or Foe?” 北京国际设计周-设计之旅@UCCA:剖析胡同——保留旧城是敌是友? the UCCA hosted another event on September 24th 2013:

This Beijing Design Week: Design HOP@UCCA forum convenes a panel of experts and historians to discuss the intertwining of temporal, political, and social factors that have shaped Beijing’s urban construction, specifically the traditional Beijing hutong. How have changing definitions of private and public property and urban planning (or the lack thereof) manifested in recent decades? What is happening today? The forum is introduced by BJDW Creative Director Beatrice Leanza 毕月 and moderated by Abitare China contributor Chao Yan 晁艳.

Organized by Rizzoli BeijingBeijing Design Week & Ullens Center for Contemporary Art – invited speakers included French-Chinese writer, advocate of Old Beijing and advisor on property rights – Hua Xinmin 华新民; Chief Executive of Memory of China .org engaged with research and protection of old houses and neighbourhoods of Beijing – Zhang Jinqi 张金起; and Wang Youyin 王优银 – Lawyer and Director of Beijing Shengyun Law Firm, specialized in disputes over land acquisition and resettlement. [NOTE: Guests participating in this forum are featured/interviewed on ABITARE China’s ‘HUTONG‘ -issue (see TOC)].

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HUTONG/Adaptation 胡同社区共生

《ABITARE 住》#34 HUTONG | Guest-edited by MovingCities, 2013

About ABITARE China

ABITARE seeks for cutting edge design, architecture and art project, all seen from a new perspective. Based on the 50-year-old classic magazine Abitare specializing in culture and architecture, ABITAREChina always follows a characteristic, literary writing style, and covers in depth events and stories about architecture, design, culture and people in a lively and interesting way. Abitare China a cross-media communication endorsed by Rizzoli Beijing in 2008, the main goal of which is to promote design culture and bring design to everyday life.

About MovingCities

MovingCities is a Shanghai-based think-tank investigating the role of architecture and urbanism in shaping the contemporary city. Established in 2007 by Bert de Muynck [BE] and Mónica Carriço [PT], MovingCities publishes, collaborates talks and walks, and operate as embedded architects. During the past years MovingCities has conducted research, lectures, creative consultancy and workshops in China, Israel, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Indonesia and Italy.


MovingCities wishes to thank the many individuals who contributed their valuable time and expertise through the interviews, texts, photography and projects that form the foundation of this issue. 感谢:MovingCities在此对接受采访、提供文字、图片以及项目案例的诸位表示由衷的感谢,感谢他们对于胡同专辑所付出的宝贵时间及专业建树。


For further inquiries, updates, background, interviews and lectures related to
ABITARE China #34 Hutong/Adaptation contact MovingCitiesinfo [at] movingcities [dot] org

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