During the opening week of the 2011 Shenzhen Biennale, MovingCities co-organized a two-day Finland-Shenzhen Architecture Tour program [December 6th & 8th 2011].

Tailor-made for a delegation of 15 practitioners/architects/curators, landscape-designers and design managers, the Shenzhen program consisted of a twodays meet-and-greet [with local architects, design institutes and real-estate developers]. The program included the ‘Finland-Shenzhen Symposium on Architectural Competitions[深圳×芬兰建筑设计竞赛座谈会邀请] kindly hosted by the Shenzhen Urban Planning & Land Resources – Shenzhen Center for Design [深圳市城市设计促进中心]; a group lecture by Finnish architects at Shenzhen University [SZU 深圳大学  Dept Architecture – College of Architecture & Urban Planning] and ARCHITECTS IN THE ‘HOUSE‘ a Finland’ architecture party hosted by Helsinki World Design Capital 2012.

The Finland-Shenzhen Architecture Tour was co-organized & co-produced with Martta Louekari [World Design Capital Helsinki 2012/Newly Drawn Producer, Curator] and Jani Joenniemi [Design Forum Finland / Music Export Finland Producer].

With thanks to the Snowball-friends and the Newly Drawn-team [check Newly Drawn @ SZHK-Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture]:

Newly Drawn collaborated with MovingCities, Museum of Finnish Architecture , World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 and Design Forum Finland for participation of Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture at December 2011. We organised 2 exhibitions, event and trip for Finnish delegation. We met local and international architects, developers and media.Big thank you for Bert de Muynck, Mónica Carriço, Jani Joenniemi, Tuomas Toivonen, Martti Kalliala, Martta Louekari, Juulia Kauste from Museum of Finnish Architecture, Gigi Lueng and Liu Lei from Shenzhen! Photos by Hanne Granberg

Finnish delegation at Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture | 6-8 Dec 2011

FI-Shenzhen Supporting Organizations:

Finnish Delegation – Participants:

Producers & Organizers:

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Finland-Shenzhen Tour | DAY I

FI-SZ Symposium on Architectural Competitions

Finland-Shenzhen Symposium on Architectural Competitions | Shenzhen 6th Dec 2011

Finland-Shenzhen Symposium on Architectural Competitions | December 6, 2011

Starting our business/networking architecture tour, on December 6th, as a side-show program of the 2011 Shenzhen-Hongkong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture-program, MovingCities presented/co-organized the ‘Finland-Shenzhen Symposium on Architectural Competitions’ 深圳×芬兰建筑设计竞赛座谈会邀请 – hosted by the Shenzhen Urban Planning & Land Resources 深圳规划大厦Shenzhen Center for Design 都市实践 [see previous visit]; and supported by Helsinki World Design Capital 2012.

The architectural competition for the ‘Head Office of the Bank of Finland‘, held in 1876, was the first one in Finland. Alvar Aalto’s ‘Paimio Sanatorium‘—possibly the most influential work of Finnish architecture—sprang from a competition entry in 1929. Finland is considered the pioneering country of architectural competitions and the reputation of Finnish architecture is said to be based on the excellent competition system. The practice of architecture in Finland today has largely been shaped by this tradition, which the muscular city government sustains by holding competitions for virtually all projects under its domain. (source: Architect Magazine & SAFA)

FI-Shenzhen Symposium Main speakers:

1. Zhou Hong Mei (Vice director, Architectural Design Division of Shenzhen Urban Planning & Land Resource):
1. ‘Architectural Competitions in Shenzhen
1. 周红玫 (建筑设计处副处长): “深圳建筑设计竞赛的历程和现状”
2. Juulia Kauste (Director, Museum of Finnish Architecture):
2. ‘History and Impact of Architectural Competition in Finland’.
2. 康玉丽 (主任, 芬兰建筑博物馆): “芬兰建筑设计竞赛的历史及影响
3. Samuli Woolston | ALA Architects [FI] >
4. Mikko Summanen | K2S Architects [FI] >
5. Dirk Zschunke /PES Shanghai | PES Architects [FI] >

Host & Organizers:

  • Huang Weiwen (Director, Shenzhen Center for Design/Deputy Chief Planner – Urban Planning, Land and Resources Comission of Shenzhen Municipality)黄伟文 (主任, 深圳市城市设计促进中心/深圳市规土委副总师-深圳市公共艺术中心主任)
  • Wang XingChen (Executive Director, Shenzhen Center for Design)王星晨 (执行总监-深圳市城市设计促进中心)
  • Bert de Muynck & Mónica Carriço (co-Directors, MovingCities)伯德孟 与 莫妮卡·卡瑞苏 (MovingCities总监)
  • Martta Louekari (Producer, World Design Capital Helsinki 2012/Newly Drawn)陆麦塔 ? 陆玛塔 (制作者 -2012 世界设计之都赫尔辛基/画卷初成–冉冉升起的芬兰建筑设计新星)

Supporting Organizations:

Finland-Shenzhen Tour | DAY I

Visits/presentations to LDI’s and private architecture practices

ZHUBO Design 筑博设计 | FI-Shenzhen office visit | 6 Dec 2011

AUBE 欧博设计 | FI-Shenzhen office visit | 6 Dec 2011

YITIAN Group 深圳市益田集团股份有限公司 Holiday Plaza Yitian / Westin Nanshan Hotel

Urbanus Architecture & Design 都市实践 [Liu Xiaodu 刘晓都] office visit

NODE - Architecture * Landscape * Urbanism [Doreen Heng LIU]*

Finland-Shenzhen Architecture Tour by MovingCities | December 6, 2011

‘Architects In The House’ party

Architects in the House - Finland's architecture party | 2011 SZHK Biennale

Architects in the House party at Idutang| Shenzhen 6th Dec 2011

MovingCities proudly supported the ARCHITECTS IN THE ‘HOUSE – Finland’s architecture party! Tunes and theories by architects-musicians Tuomas Toivonen & Martti Kalliala. Party took place on Wednesday, DEC 7th – at Idutang OCT in Shenzhen – starting at 9pm – till late. The event was hosted by Helsinki World Design Capital 2012, as part of the 2011 Shenzhen-Hongkong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture-program.

Architects Martti Kalliala and Tuomas Toivonen invite you to a night of HOUSE – the most architectural of musical genres. Martti is one half of the super hot Renaissance Man duo that has just released their debut album “Project” on Tiga’s Turbo Records and will be playing a selection of critical house concepts. Tuomas will perform live tracks from his latest release, “Urbanism In The House”, a book and 12″ vinyl record that features lectures set to music. This club event is hosted by Helsinki World Design Capital 2012.Let there be HOUSE!

What:   ARCHITECTS IN THE ‘HOUSE’ – Club Event by Tuomas Toivonen + Martti Kalliala
What:   音乐流派建筑之夜
When:  Wednesday, December 7th 2011 – starting 9pm … till late
Where: Idutang / OCT Nanshan – Shenzhen
Where: Building F3, OCT Loft, EngPing Lu – Overseas Chinese Town (OCT) – Nanshan District
Where:一渡堂 / 深圳市 南山区 华侨城
Where: 深圳市 南山区 华侨城 (OCT) 恩平路 文化创意园 F3栋 (OCAT当代艺术中心左侧)

NEWLY DRAWN at Shenzhen Biennale | 6-8 Dec 2011 | by Hanne Granberg

Finland-Shenzhen Tour | DAY II

The second day [see day one] of the Finland/Shenzhen Architecture Tour presented a diverse Shenzhen 深圳. Starting at the VANKE Shenzhen headquarters, the group of Finnish architects moved on to visit the higher levels of Shenzhen Tower [441.8 meter] and, via the Shenzhen University – Dept. Arch, where some architects presented their works to Shenzhen architecture students; ended up in the opening ceremony of 2011 Shenzhen-Hongkong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture featuring a performance by Finnish architect-musician Tuomas Toivonen. NEWLY DRAWN – Emerging Finnish Architects has more impressions!

VANKE Center [Steven Holl Architects, 2006-2009] | visit

Shenzhen Tower /Kingkey 100 [Terry Farrell China , 2007-2011] | visit

KINGKEY Real Estate Co., Ltd Shenzhen 京基地产 | Shenzhen Tower visit

Shenzhen University – Architecture School | lectures & visit

Finland-Shenzhen Architecture Tour | Day II - by MovingCities | December 8, 2011

Shenzhen Biennale Opening Ceremony | 8 December 2011

2011 SZHKb opening ceremony | Performance by Tuomas Toivonen | 8th Dec 2011

Pictures by movingcities.org
and by Hanne Granberg
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Pictures by movingcities.org

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