Line 13 redux‘ workshop students were organized in 3 groups:

  1. Stephanie Herring (Design 3) + Brennen Huller (Independent Design);
  2. Maryam Younes (Design C) + Chablis Applewhite (Design C);
  3. Carlos Gil (Design Thesis).

1. Stephanie Herring + Brennen Huller

Site visit pics (selection):

Precedent studies (selection):
reference: TURENSCAPE | Zhongshan Shipyard Park, Guangdong (China)

reference: Green bridge (Germany)

reference: VMX | Amsterdam CS bike-park (The Netherlands)

reference: URBANUS XXX (China)

Presentation initial statement:

Priority of the Site: Our new intervention at subway station Longze on Line 13 will act as a threshold to and from northern Beijing. It will also accelerate the benefits to road users and the local community. Some key objectives of the project are to increase safety for pedestrian users, provide an ecofriendly habitat, and generate an active node. The proposal we hope will act as a catalyst for the community while still maintaining the memory of the site.

Model (scale ???):

Sections (scale ???):

Stephanie Herring’ sketches:

Brennen Huller’ sketch:

2. Maryam Younes + Chablis Applewhite

Model (scale ???):

Chablis Applewhite’ model (housing typologies study):

Maryam Younes’ 3D model (in-work):

Maryam Younes’ sketches:

3. Carlos Gil

Analysis of the site & proposed systems:

**As mention before, Carlos took part on the ‘Line 13 redux‘ workshop and developed research and analysis of the site before shifting focus onto another prime road intersection on Beijing’s Central Business District (CBD). For more information check Carlos Gil’ online-portfolio in the near future.

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