A. New Forms of work; B. Productive Landscapes; C. Transportation networks.

Program A. New Forms of work

Line13 | Workmap: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Informal

Line13 | Workmap: Static, Mobile

Line13 | Modes of work: Secondary

Line13 | Modes of work: Informal

Line13 | Modes of work: Tertiary

Line13 | Modes of work: Tertiary

Line13 | Modes of work along the segments

Line13 | Spatial divisions of labor

Line13 | Rental comparison of a 2 bedrooms+1 dinning room unit

Program B. Productive Landscapes

Line13 | Categories of Land Use: Open field, Farmland, Village, Gated interior courtyards, Block Housing, High Rise, Water systems, Electrical Corridor, Waste site, Infrastructural, Commercial,  Industrial.

Line13 | Land Use

Program C. Transportation networks

Line13 | Access / Barrier

Line13 | Transportation Profile

Line13 | Reappropriated Infrastructures

Line13 | Reappropriated Infrastructures

Program Groups:
A. Mariangela Piccione, Gary Chien, Holly Jordan, Sandy Wong;
B. Maya Desai, Safora Khoylou, Timothy Lee, Matthew Spremulli;
C. Hayley Imerman, Esmond Lee, Sando Thordarson , Joseph Yau,
line delineator. Antoine Morris.

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