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School+ WORKSHOP: 
Finland-Beijing architecture exchange on educational spaces
Beijing 北京, March 23-25 2012

FI participants:

CN participants:

     Group 1  _Way Back Home  [Jussi PALVA & WANG Hui]

  • 1.  LI Ruoxing 李若星 [建筑设计]*
  • 2.  SUN Delong 孙德龙 [建筑设计]
  • 3.  ZHOU Zhenru 周真如 [建筑设计]

     Group 2  _Ji Mu 积木   [Teemu KURKELA & WANG Shuo 王硕]

  • 4.  Daniela HIDALGO [EPMA 厄瓜多尔]
  • 5.  SONG Ke 宋科  [建筑设计]
  • 6.  WANG Chuan 王川  [城市规划]
  • 7.  XU Jin 徐瑾  [城市规划]

     Group 3  _Tricycle  [Uula KOHONEN & ZHAI Fei]

  • 8.   Snowy LAM 林熙 [Exchange 中国香港]
  • 9.   Jessica Natalia WIDJAJA [EPMA 印度尼西亚]
  • 10. ZHANG Congqi 张聪琦 [建筑设计]

     Group 4  _Vertical School+  [Antti AHLAVA & HAN MengZhen韩孟臻]

  • 11. GAO Fei 高菲 [建筑设计]
  • 12. LI Ruiqing 李睿卿  [建筑设计]
  • 13. WANG Shuyi 王舒轶  [建筑设计]

     Group 5  _Floating-School  [CHE Fei 车飞 & Riina PALVA]

  • 14. CHEN Jing 陈竞 [建筑设计]
  • 15. FENG Yi 冯忆 [Exchange 德国]
  • 16. XIAO Yingbo 肖映博  [建筑设计]
  • 17. YU Weichao 于维超 [建筑设计]


In association with:

WA #261 'Emerging Finnish Architecture' (March 2012) |《世界建筑》‘芬兰新建筑’

School+ WORKSHOP | Beijing, March 23-25

Supported by:

Q&A with Finnish architects | Tsinghua University | March 23, 2012

Additional thanks to:

Pictures by; Posters by WA

Between March 23rd-25th 2012, MovingCities, together with Newly Drawn [画卷初成] and World Architecture Magazine [世界建筑 杂志], organized the three-day School+ WORKSHOP. Hosted by the School of Architecture – Tsinghua University [清华大学建筑学院] in Beijing 北京, this event is part of the 2012 EU-China Year of Intercultural Dialogue [EU2012中国文化对话年]. Supported by: Museum of Finnish Architecture [Helsinki 芬兰建筑博物馆], Embassy of Finland [Beijing], Aalto University [Helsinki]; and World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 [2012 世界设计之都赫尔辛基 开放的赫尔辛基].

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