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_March 2010

SNOWBALL | Finnish and Chinese architecture

Snowball Shanghai | About

Snowball – Event on Finnish and Chinese Architecture takes place in Shanghai on March 25–27, 2010. Organised by the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA), as part of Finland’s cultural programme for World Expo 2010 Shanghai China, the event consists of a two-day seminar exploring common grounds and differences between Finnish and Chinese architects, a networking program and a one-day excursion.


The objective of the event is to offer insight in the latest achievements of both Finnish and Chinese architects, through presentations of new projects, solutions and visions. By bringing professionals from both cultures together in a three-day program, Snowball aims to establish and deepen the Finnish and Chinese networks. The program is set up as such to establish potential business and creative matches between Finnish and Chinese architects, as well as to reinforce the exposure and business opportunities for Finnish architecture in China.


SNOWBALL | Partner organizations

Snowball – Event on Finnish and Chinese architecture is co-organised by the Finnish Association of Architects, Finpro/Finland at World Expo 2010 Shanghai China, Greater Helsinki Promotion, MovingCities and Lychee Productions. The event supported by the Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Ministry of Education of Finland.

滚雪球——芬兰与中国建筑设计研讨会是由以下组织联合举办的:芬兰建筑师协会、芬兰对外贸易协会/2010年上海世博会芬兰参展组委会、大赫尔辛基推广促进局、MovingCities和Lychee Productions。本次活动得到了芬兰外交部、就业与经济部以及教育部的大力支持。

SNOWBALL - introduction & presentations | Helsinki, Feb12 2010

Snowball Shanghai | March 25–27, 2010 Shanghai

About Sino-Finnish exchange

The three-day programme deals with architectural culture exchange, tailored for Finnish architects desiring to enter or strengthen their presence in the Chinese market, where presentations, dialogues and debates are seen as a first step to communicate architectural expertise and interests. The selected Chinese architects, urbanists, developers, media, clients and officials will, as such, be informed about the values, methods and strategies that Finnish architecture represents. At the same time, Finnish architects will be able to gain an insight into the challenges, projects and ambitions facing professionals in China.

Curatorial vision

The first day of the ‘Snowball – Event on Finnish and Chinese Architecture’ focuses on the experience and exchange between smaller and independent Chinese architecture firms and potential Finnish counterparts, local design Institutes and large-scale Finnish offices and the experience of foreign architects already present and working in China. These lectures and presentations will set a context for dialogue and future collaborations between partners sharing similar interests.

The second day explores the common ground between Finnish and Chinese practitioners in the field of ecological, sustainable urban and architectural design. After this Chinese developers and clients will present their work, and the context and framework of past and ongoing successful Sino-Finnish collaborations will be showcased.

The two-day presentations conclude with a roundtable discussion exploring the various scales and perspectives on potential Sino-Finnish cooperation. Based on this, the first exploration for an active and creative design, research and workshop agenda can be set. Throughout the two days Chinese (architectural) media will be invited to be present in order to heighten the visibility and dissemination of Finnish architecture in China.

SnowBall Architecture | website

Snowball Shanghai | Program

The Snowball Shanghai seminar will offer opportunities for creating and deepening relationships between Finnish and Chinese professionals operating in the field of architectural and urban design. The program ranges from public presentations, round table discussions and one-to-one conversations with colleagues, potential clients or the media to an information session about the Chinese market and its players, field excursions as well as cocktail receptions.

The SnowBall Architecture blog is your guide through the two seminar events:

SnowBall Helsinki Seminar | February 12, 2010 | KIASMA

  • SnowBall Helsinki Seminar | program (pdf alert!)

SnowBall Shanghai Seminar | March 25-27, 2010 | MANSION HOTEL

SNOWBALL - Martta Louekari & Tuomas Toivonen | Helsinki, Feb12 2010

Snowball Shanghai | People

Martta Louekari, producer

Martta Louekari is working for both the public and private sector in producing and marketing cultural events and projects such as the OpenHouseHelsinki event and the Newly Drawn – Emerging Finnish Architects project.

Tuomas Toivonen, producer

Tuomas Toivonen is an architect and musician. He is the founder of NOW for Architecture and Urbanism, a spatial practice based in Helsinki.

MovingCities, producers

Established in Beijing, China , in 2007, by Bert de Muynck and Mónica Carriço, MovingCities is a think-thank investigating the role that architecture and urbanism play in shaping the contemporary city. Now based in Shanghai, MovingCities operates as collaborative platform, aiming to become a space for understanding urban culture and the built environment.

Lychee Productions, producers

Co-producer, Lychee Productions (Beijing) Ni Bing is a promoter, DJ and music/arts/design journalist based in the old town of Beijing. He has experience in collaborating with the Finnish creative industry.

OK Do, editors and creative directors

Founded by Anni Puolakka and Jenna Sutela, OK Do is a creative practice for thinking and doing. We work at the intersection of design, art and science.

Åh, art directors

Åh is a multi-disciplinary creative studio based in East London and established by Elin Svensson and Johanna Lundberg. We strive to combine thoughtful ideas with informed aesthetics to create functional design that reaches out to both the head and the heart.

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