《Urban Flux 城市空间设计》#34 Indonesia Architecture | guest-edited by MovingCities

Urban Flux magazine #34 | ‘INDONESIA Architecture’
guest-edited by MovingCities [September _December 2013]

Published in December 2013, MovingCities guest-edited a special bilingual 90-page issue of the Chinese architecture magazine Urban Flux 城市空间 设计 [volume 34/2013-6] entitled “INDONESIAN ARCHITECTURE: TROPICAL AND EMERGING” 新兴崛起的印度尼西亚热带建筑.

Commissioned by URBAN FLUX  城市空间 设计 [chengshi kongjian~urban space design], an architectural and urbanism magazine hosted by Tianjin University, this especial report gives to a Chinese and international public, for the first time, a comprehensive overview of contemporary Indonesian architectural practices.

With Indonesian Architecture: Tropical and Emerging, MovingCities along with Indonesian architect Danny Wicaksono, provide an insight into contemporary tropical architectural design, by focusing on what local architects have constructed, researched and learned – throughout the past decade.

mamostudio [interview] | MovingCities

Andra Matin [interview] | MovingCities

Rumah Rumah Tanpa Pintu (Houses Without Doors) Exhibition 2011 | MovingCities

Next to introducing historical depth to the discourse on contemporary Indonesian architecture – whether developed by Dutch [Hendrik Petrus Berlage (1856-1934), C.P. Wolff Schoemaker (1882-1949)], under colonial circumstances, or by American architects [Paul Rudolph (1918-1997)], prior to the 1990s recession – this 90-pages magazine introduces the dawn of a new architectural awareness (and generation of young architects) that are poised to change the architecture of today’s Indonesia. These include Andra Matin, mamostudio, SUB, Studio TonTon, Studio Dasar, d-associates, Willis Kusuma Architects, ABODAY and HGT Architects.

Complementing these architectural practices, emphasis was placed on non-profit and community based architectural endeavors, hence the inclusion of artist/architect Eko Prawoto’s community-based reconstruction of an earthquake stricken area – “Nqibikan Village Reconstruction” (short-listed in 2010’s Aga Khan Award for Architecture); and the Rumah Asuh’s “Preservation of the Mbaru Niang”-project (winner of the aforementioned award, in 2013), led by architect Yori Antar.

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Urban Flux #34 | covers: d-associates's Kalibata House & Studio TonTon's Bea House

《Urban FLux 城市空间》INDONESIA Architecture | MovingCities Preface

'A Note on Indonesia’s Colonial Architecture' -by Mohammad Nanda Widyarta

《Urban FLux 城市空间》INDONESIA Architecture | Andra Matin & Tanah Teduh project

《Urban FLux 城市空间》INDONESIA Architecture | mamostudio & Coco-building project

《Urban FLux 城市空间》SUB & House of Trimmed Reform/Grey House

《Urban FLux 城市空间》INDONESIA Architecture | Studio TonTon & Bea House

《Urban FLux 城市空间》INDONESIA Architecture | Studio Dasar & Anjung Salihara

Preservation of the Mbaru Niang Conical Houses: WAE REBO Case Study - Rumah Asuh/Yori Antar

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Urban Flux #34 written by and/or featured:
MovingCities [Bert de Muynck & Mónica Carriço 伯德孟莫妮卡·卡瑞苏]; Studio Dasar 达萨工作室 [Danny Wicaksono 丹尼·维克索诺]; Mohammad Nanda Widyarta 穆罕默德·南达·韦德亚塔  (Universitas Indonesia); Farid Rakun 法里德·拉昆 (Karbon Journal); Andra Matin; mamostudio mamo工作室作品集 [Adi Purnomo 阿迪·普尔诺摩]; SUB [Wiyoga Nurdiansyah & Muhammad Sagitha]; Studio TonTon  [Antony Liu & Ferry Ridwan]; d-associates [Gregorius Supie Yolodi & Maria Rosantina]; HGT Architects [Henry G. Tjhi 池泓慶]; Willis Kusuma Architects 威利斯·库苏马建筑; ABODAY [Rafael David, Ary Indra, Johanses Yap]; Eko Prawoto 艾科·普拉沃托 (Duta Wacana Christian University); Brigitte Shim 布里吉特·沈 (John H. Daniels Faculty)Rumah Asuh Team团队 / Yori AntarJongArsitek!.

URBAN FLUX 城市空间VOL 34 2013年第6期

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INDONESIA Architecture 新兴崛起的印度尼西亚热带建筑

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