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Two weeks ago, the Guardian, in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation, unveiled a new section of its website — Guardian Cities — so to shine a spotlight on the urbanisation of the world, whilst highlighting resilience, environmental, sustainability, social, and poverty issues…
MovingCities is very pleased to be included! As such we’ve selected 45 urban images from our 460 posts-archive  [see sitemap]. Continue reading “Guardian Cities | city bloggers”

MovingCities | Instagram

MovingCities on instagram: @movingcities_org

In 2013, MovingCities started using instagram [@movingcities_org] to capture our life in and above the cities, while on the move and wherever else we found ourselves: Shanghai 上海, Beijing 北京, Hangzhou 杭州, Chongqing 重庆, Guilin 桂林Lisbon, Antwerp, Bari or Lecce.
Understanding these moments as fleeting impressions of spatial conditions that captured our interest, we feature a selection of 18 images that tie 2013 together. You can find the whole overview here, and follow us in 2014 here. Continue reading “MovingCities | Instagram”

MovingCities 2012 | an overview

Shanghai | January 1, 2013

2012 was a good year for MovingCities. With 2013 barely started, we composed a non-lineair overview of the past year. The selection is based on content, correspondences and aspects of continuity across various projects, publications and places. While our Portuguese posts on Peter Zumthor and Álvaro Siza Vieira keep on generating traffic, with 2012 Pritzker Prize winner Wang Shu we found a close runner-up. But we’re also pleased that our, incognito, Koolhaas-Simpsons scoop made it to the sixths place on Archinect’s Top 12 News Posts of 2012. MovingCities in 2012 was about cities, architecture and the creative industries in China. A selected flashback. Continue reading “MovingCities 2012 | an overview”

The Residence | Brussels + Antwerp

Ronny Heiremans & Katleen Vermeir, The Residence (2012)

Last week, Bert de Muynck | MovingCities was in Belgium, invited by artist-duo Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans [website], to lecture in the Reading Room # 4 as part of the The Residence [a wager for the afterlife] video project. A report from Brussels and Antwerp. Continue reading “The Residence | Brussels + Antwerp”

The Residence | video + lecture

Ronny Heiremans & Katleen Vermeir, The Residence (2012) [pic by Kristien Daem].

The Residence [a wager for the afterlife] is a video project by Belgian artist-duo Katleen Vermeir & Ronny Heiremans [website], on display in Argos, Brussels, until April 1, 2012. Their new video focusses on the artist as entrepreneur in a global society that qualifies economy as the single measure of things and is the result of a six month residency in China in 2009-10. Besides the video, they also host the The Residence [reading room] – presenting itself as a discursive platform and a dense cabinet of curiosities in ExtraCity, Antwerp. During several Saturdays in the coming 2 months, ExtraCity will host a series of performances, screenings, lectures and book presentations. As part of this program, Bert de Muynck | MovingCities will lecture about The Creative City in China on Saturday March 10, 2012. Continue reading “The Residence | video + lecture”

Belgium | drive-through

Belgium | September 1, 2010

The Washington Post calls it a Belgian family drama and the Hollywood Report a bawdy, heartfelt glimpse into a proudly dysfunctional Belgium family. No, we’re not reviewing the current political crisis in Belgium, but quote reactions on The Misfortunates, a movie by Belgian director Felix van Groeningen, based on a novel by Dimitri Verhulst. Driving recently by train through the Flemish countryside, we were reminded about the analysis of Gunther Strobbe, the main character in the movie. Continue reading “Belgium | drive-through”

Belgium | trainstations & landscapes

Ghent | February 23, 2010

An extended series of images capturing one week of moving around in the northern part of Belgium, Flanders, by train. The home of continental Europe’s first railway, built in 1835, Belgium has one of Europe’s most extensive rail networks. Snapshots from Ghent, Antwerp, Bruges and Brussels. And the 99% urbanized area in between these cities.
Continue reading “Belgium | trainstations & landscapes”