City Move Interdesign Workshop | part IV

The Sports Arena | Malmberget

The second week of the City Move Interdesign Workshop mainly consisted of fine-tuning and structuring the concepts around which each group were working. After a week in which some groups tried to find a common ground (which not seldom led to meta-discursive situations in which the prime question was “how to talk about what we want to talk about”), there were short presentations, visits from the local community, interviews for local newspapers and productive pop-up performance in front of the camera. At times the sports arena in Malmberget (where the City Move Interdesign workshop took place) had the feeling of a laboratory, a prison, a showroom and television studio.

City Move Interdesign Workshop | part III

The Green Group | road trip Gällivare - Kiruna

In search for a location where a new city could be build (in the context of City Move Interdesign Workshop), the Green Group went exploring the area North of Malmberget. On March 27, a 250 kilometers road trip to the border of the Gällivare and Kiruna region ended in the a small city called Svappavaara where another LKAB mine was found. LKAB is an international high-tech minerals group, one of the world’s leading producers of upgraded iron ore products for the steel industry and a growing supplier of industrial minerals products to other sectors.

Stockholm >> Gällivare

Robin Edman | chief executive of the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID)

On Sunday March 22, all participants for the City Move Interdesign workshop gathered in Stockholms’ Arlanda airport. After a short introduction by Robin Edman, chief executive of the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation (SVID), the group entered a small airplane which took us from Stockholm Arlanda to Lapland Airport, the last one positioned close to the town of Gällivare. In this small city, located 100 kilometers above the Arctic Circle, we will during the coming weeks investigate and explore how to move a city. More updates on the workshop progress, content and participants, hailing from 18 different countries, will follow soon, for now a couple of snapshots.