ORDOS 100 | out of Ordos

Ordos 100 | Saturday & Sunday, June 28-29. The last days of the second phase of ORDOS100. Day 4 continued with the critiques of the 36 proposals that were previously presented. Day 5, Mr. Cai, the client, and FAKE Design offered the architects a late afternoon dinner, toasted around and wished them a good journey back home.
Followed a last tour through the ‘old Ordos’, taking a 38 kilometers drive to the new airport, while the sun was lightening up the green desert. Architects checked in and flew in two airplanes back to Beijing.

Be’er Sheva field trip

The Quarter Kilometer Block | arch. Avraham Yasky and Amnon Alexandroni (1962)

On Thursday March 6 [after our weeklong City State Workshop (2008) ], MovingCities went on a field trip to Be’er Sheva [Beersheba], the largest city in the Negev Desert. In preparation for our research on desert cities we couldn’t miss this one, ‘the Capital of the Negev’. Be’er Sheva is the sixth largest city in Israel and has a population of approximately 200,000. The field trip was organized by architect Yuval Yasky, from the City/State Unit [http://www.citystateunit.com/] at Bezalel. On the program: Israel longest housing block, the quarter kilometer block, a model neighborhood and the Ben Gurion University. It was hot, intense, architectural and spoke of a belief in a future that never really happened. It seems.