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Diego Grass Puga | 0300TV

“What is exactly happening here?” |

Back in the pre-Olympic Beijing times, when Beijing’s urban development was in full force, fast forward, closely watched and mesmerizing, the paths of MovingCities and 0300TV crossed in a very fruitful and productive way. 0300TV is, to us without any doubt, the web’s premier architectural television channel. Ran from Chile, the ass of the world as architect/director Diego Grass Puga described his native country to us, 0300TV is a collective of highly creative architectural aficionado’s.

Diego Grass Puga, along with two camera’s, some tripods, empty dvd’s, a mind full of architecture, a critical state of mind to look behind the facade of hype and hyper-development and a desire to capture the essence of contemporary Chinese practice, interviewed MovingCities for the “CHINA ACCORDING TO CHINA” documentary he is working on.

The documentary is completely filmed before 2008’s Beijing Olympics and edited right after its ending and presents a set of thoughts by five local architects (Ai Weiwei/FAKE Design, Wang Shu/Amateur Architecture Studio, Qingyun Ma/MADA s.p.a.m., Jiang Jun/URBAN CHINA Magzine, and Yu Kongjian/Turenscape) on China’s current urban and architectural development. The documentary is now available for watching and downloading on the 0300TV-website. We will post, in the coming days, on the content of it.

Line13 BeiYuan Subway Station

We took Diego Grass Puga on Line13 – MovingCities’ open air office – and stopped in BeiYuan subway station. At the time we were in full preparation for the Line13 SUPERLINEARITY-workshop and thought it would be good to conduct the interview in a setting without context. On an abandoned and seriously dilapidated children-playground, located next to a freshly demolished dog training center, we found the left-overs of a culture of leisure and appropriated it instantaneously.

For now some pictures of the interview itself, while in the coming days we provide some background to the “China According To China” documentary. As we don’t want to limit your curiosity, have a look at 0300TV.

Line13 Beijing | 0300TV pre-olympic tour | May 2008

Diego Grass Puga |  Architect/Director 0300TV

MovingCities @ BeiYuan-setting for the interview | CHINA ACCORDING TO CHINA 0300TV

Environment of BeiYuan Station | & 0300TV

ORDOS 100 | out of Ordos

Ordos 100 | Saturday & Sunday, June 28-29. The last days of the second phase of ORDOS100. Day 4 continued with the critiques of the 36 proposals that were previously presented. Day 5, Mr. Cai, the client, and FAKE Design offered the architects a late afternoon dinner, toasted around and wished them a good journey back home.
Followed a last tour through the ‘old Ordos’, taking a 38 kilometers drive to the new airport, while the sun was lightening up the green desert. Architects checked in and flew in two airplanes back to Beijing.

ORDOS100 | presentation phase II

Wednesday June 25. Day 1 of the second phase presentation of ORDOS100. 36 architects, 36 villa’s, 36 presentations, 36 thousand square meters of creative thinking. A bombardment of ideas on a plot somewhere in Inner-Mongolia. 9 hours of words and images. Interrupted by a lunch break.

In the center of the meeting room one finalized model, featuring the 100 proposals, around which the architects gathered. All architects and models meticulously being scanned by the jurors Ai Weiwei (FAKE design), Wang Shu (chief architect Amateur Architecture Studio) and Cui Kai (chief architect of China Architecture Design and Research Group). A snapshot impression.