Shanghai >> Hangzhou

Shanghai - Hangzhou | April 26, 2012

A couple of years we ago explained the objective of repetitive research as way to look better, to look deeper, to see fragments of a fleeting city, to pick up new pieces, to arrange and re-arrange – while repeatedly taking the same road – those architectures one hasn’t noticed before. We present a new case study; a Shanghai 上海 to Hangzhou 杭州 comparison. Continue reading “Shanghai >> Hangzhou”

Hong Kong | City of Corridors

Hong Kong | April 23, 2012

During a recent visit to Hong Kong 香港, MovingCities barely touched the ground. This not because we were floating through or flying over the city, but because parts of the main infrastructure, for pedestrians, is elevated. Snapshots from the City of Corridors. Continue reading “Hong Kong | City of Corridors”

Évora | Quinta da Malagueira

Quinta da Malagueira by Alvaro Siza | August 25, 2011

The Quinta da Malagueira housing project in Évora by Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira [1933-…] is an architectural classic. Its grid of parallel rows of streets and alleys, back-to-back patio houses and system of raised concrete aqueducts – connecting the separate residential clusters together – are part of today’s textbook material on social housing. It is so classic, one tends to forget it exists for over thirty years, it still is inhabited and is evolving to a next stage of architectural adaptation. The adaptation [parking, paint and printed materials] of architectural austerity. Continue reading “Évora | Quinta da Malagueira”

Shanghai >> Nanjing | by train

Shanghai - Nanjing | March 13, 2010

[re-post] During the past month, MovingCities went twice to Nanjing, once by train, once by bus. Once to meet up with Chinese architect Zhang Lei 张雷 – the interview with him will be published in June/July issue of MARK Magazine -, once to present at the Think Green Global Forum. Snapshots while speeding, from East to West, from Shanghai to Nanjing, at 200 km/h through the Yangtze River Delta. Continue reading “Shanghai >> Nanjing | by train”

Liège | Guillemins TGV station

Liège Guillemins TGV Station | February 27, 2010
Liège Guillemins TGV station by architect Calatrava

Belgium is all about trains and railway stations, dilapidated and new ones. In this episode the Liège Guillemins TGV Station by Santiago Calatrava in 28 frames. For all other information and reviews check YouTube, ArcSpace, SkyScraperCity, Inhabitat, World Architecture News, The Guardian, Wikipedia, Google Images, Dezeen, Archinect, Bing, AltaVista, Icon and Oamos. Continue reading “Liège | Guillemins TGV station”

Brussels | North railway station

North Residency | Brussels, February 23, 2010

Last year, when visiting Brussels, MovingCities scanned Ground Euro – the European Quarter – and the area around La Femme & Parking58. This time around we look at the “North Residency”, a housing slab built in 1974, located the back of Brussels’ North Railway Station. Continue reading “Brussels | North railway station”

Belgium | trainstations & landscapes

Ghent | February 23, 2010

An extended series of images capturing one week of moving around in the northern part of Belgium, Flanders, by train. The home of continental Europe’s first railway, built in 1835, Belgium has one of Europe’s most extensive rail networks. Snapshots from Ghent, Antwerp, Bruges and Brussels. And the 99% urbanized area in between these cities.
Continue reading “Belgium | trainstations & landscapes”