Urban Flux #34 INDONESIA Architecture Preface

URBAN FLUX magazine 《城市空间设计》VOL 34  2013年第6期 Special Report 特别报道 PREFACE 前言 INDONESIA Architecture: Tropical and Emerging 新兴崛起的印度尼西亚热带建筑 Guest-editors 客座编辑: MovingCities /Bert de Muynck & Mónica Carriço 伯德孟 和 莫妮卡·卡瑞苏 INDONESIAN Architecture: Tropical and Emerging On a random drive through many cities in Indonesia one encounters shopping malls, self-built houses, neo-Victorian villas, and mid- to high-rise buildings all in close proximity and, seemingly, all…


Urban Flux #34 INDONESIA Architecture TOC

URBAN FLUX magazine 《城市空间设计》VOL 34  2013年第6期 Special Report 特别报道 CONTENTS 目录 INDONESIA Architecture: Tropical and Emerging 新兴崛起的印度尼西亚热带建筑 Guest-edited by 客座编辑 MovingCities /Bert de Muynck & Mónica Carriço 伯德孟 和 莫妮卡·卡瑞苏 p.02 Discourse 论述 PREFACE 前言  Indonesian Architecture: Tropical And Emerging 印度尼西亚:新兴崛起的热带建筑  by MovingCities智库/ Bert de Muynck & Mónica Carriço 伯德孟 和 莫妮卡·卡瑞苏 p.12  15 Years of Progress 不断进取的15年  by Danny Wicaksono 丹尼·维克索诺 p.14 A Note…


Urban Flux #34 | INDONESIA Architecture

Urban Flux magazine #34 | ‘INDONESIA Architecture’ guest-edited by MovingCities [September _December 2013] Published in December 2013, MovingCities guest-edited a special bilingual 90-page issue of the Chinese architecture magazine Urban Flux 城市空间 设计 [volume 34/2013-6] entitled “INDONESIAN ARCHITECTURE: TROPICAL AND EMERGING” 新兴崛起的印度尼西亚热带建筑. Commissioned by URBAN FLUX  城市空间 设计 [chengshi kongjian~urban space design], an architectural and urbanism magazine hosted by Tianjin…


Adi Purnomo | MARK magazine#44

Mark Magazine#44 | Adi Purnomo | MovingCities

MovingCities published in the June-July 2013 issue of Mark magazine #44 an interview with Indonesian architect Adi Purnomo. In 2009, when we reported on a house and studio that he had designed for a photographer and art collector in Jakarta, we talked about architecture without air conditioning as part of a strategy tailored to the demands of a tropical climate (Green and Tidy, Mark 21, page 154).
It’s a strategy that still forms his point of departure, but today he has other concerns as well. For starters, he wants to accelerate his output. Read the full interview.